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Radical Agenda S04E060 – It’s Not About Trump

Radical Agenda S04E060 - It's Not About Trump

Kiss your bump stocks goodbye, and don’t hold your breath for the border wall. You’ve been fucked over by a politician. Shocking, I know. Worse than that, you’ve gotten the exact opposite of what you paid for, from a guy who runs around with signs at his rallies which read “Promises made, promises kept”. Oh, …

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Radical Agenda S04E059 – Extinction

Radical Agenda S04E059 - Extinction

If one pays close attention to the agenda of the Left, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that their aim is the extinction of the human race. Their biggest concerns are the advancement of homosexuality, transgenderism, birth control, and abortion. They are openly hostile to the racial group which has done more than any …

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Radical Agenda S04E058 – Declining Standards

Radical Agenda S04E058 - Declining Standards

Here at the Radical Agenda, we rarely have the opportunity to bring you good news. The things we value are under constant and perpetual assault, our enemies are powerful, and our allies, frequently, prove less than impressive. Indeed, finding good in a world where transgenderism is celebrated in churches, proves truly elusive and moreso by …

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Radical Agenda S04E057 – Life Plus

Radical Agenda S04E057 - Life Plus

The show trial and sentence recommendation of James Fields is now complete. He was found guilty on all counts, including premeditated murder and leaving the scene of an accident, and the jury recommended a sentence of life plus 419 years. Judge Moore still has to officially pass the sentence, but anyone following these proceedings will …

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Radical Agenda S04E056 – Riot

Radical Agenda S04E056 - Riot

Here at the Radical Agenda, we reluctantly transitioned from the mindset of the market anarchist, to that of the authoritarian out of sheer necessity. We saw Black Lives Matter burning their own cities to the ground over violent criminals meeting their demise at the hands of law enforcement. We saw communists tearing our communities apart …

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Radical Agenda S04E055 – After Trump

Radical Agenda S04E055 - After Trump

Tom Kawczynski joins us again, this time, in studio, to discuss his new book (yes, another one), titled After Trump: How Nationalism Can Save America. It covers the evolution from civic nationalism to a more ethnically cognizant model through the medium of culture. Then, it lays out policy prescriptions for how we must proceed, most key …

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Radical Agenda S04E054 – Good Mourning

Radical Agenda S04E054 - Good Mourning

Don’t bother checking the mail. Donald Trump gave the postal service the day off in  a “day of mourning” for the now deceased 41st President of the United States. Here at the Radical Agenda though, we’re hard at work. No mourning necessary over here. I watched some of the proceedings today, and they were about …

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Radical Agenda S04E053 – Bullets

Radical Agenda S04E053 - Bullets

Today, cable lines and airwaves are clogged with what amounts to a 24/7 funeral procession for George H.W. Bush. The 41st President of the United States died this past Friday at the age of 94, making him the longest living President in American history. Democrats and Republicans alike are fawning over the Israeli puppet who …

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Radical Agenda S04E052 – Sick Day

Radical Agenda S04E052 - Sick Day

Yesterday I got to sneezing a bit, so I took some Walmart brand Zycam knockoff, but to no avail. I am filling up garbage cans with tissues about as fast as I can empty them, and this is mostly occupying my attentions, to the exclusion of my ability to write creatively for a show description. …

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Radical Agenda S04E051 – Sterile

Radical Agenda S04E051 - Sterile

If you wanted to eradicate a given species from a given area, how would you go about it? You could nuke the place, but that would wipe out all the infrastructure and other resources. You could use poison gas, but that would wipe out a lot of other life which you might not be so …

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