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Radical Agenda S05E026 – Three Point, Oh?

Radical Agenda S05E026 - Three Point, Oh?

You might have heard, I’m not a big fan of Democrats. Republicans have their own problems of course, but my complaints about them tend to be disappointments in their failures. Democrats make me fear for the future of humanity, when they succeed. If only we could magically swap the success:failure ratios of the two parties, …

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Radical Agenda S05E025 – Sow Collusion

Radical Agenda S05E025 - Sow Collusion

This weekend brought us some excellent news. The President of the United States is not an agent of the Russian Government, as had been portrayed as fact since prior to his election, by the Left. You already know this of course, because you have a three digit IQ, and are interested in the truth. This …

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Radical Agenda S05E024 – Libertarian White Supremacy

Radical Agenda S05E024 - Libertarian White Supremacy

There has long been some buzz about the “insidious libertarian to alt right pipeline” as Matt Lewis at the Daily Beast referred to it. Well prior to this of course, Leftists have relentlessly assailed libertarians as racists, for reasons which might charitably be described as varying in merit. I’ve touched on the subject a few …

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Radical Agenda S05E023 – Late Show

Radical Agenda S05E023 - Late Show

A lot has happened since we last spoke, and there is a lot that I would like to say about it. Unfortunately, as our regularly scheduled 5pm timeslot approaches, I am not done with my show prep, and I do not want to rush this particular episode. So we will be airing tonight at 10pm …

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Radical Agenda S05E022 – Revenge for Ebba

Radical Agenda S05E022 - Revenge for Ebba

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve done a lot of thinking, and talking, about violence. We’ve even had a bit of practice. At times, we’ve been reckless in discussing the subject. During others, I wonder if we’ve been too cautious. It is a difficult subject to discuss, to be sure. There are consequences that come …

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Radical Agenda S05E021 – So To Agenda

Radical Agenda S05E021 - So To Agenda

Radical Agenda listeners hardly need an introduction to Jared Howe. In addition to being a husband, father, and all around great guy, he facilitated the production of Live from Seg while I was locked up in Charlottesville, and is currently the host of So To Speak, proudly syndicated at I’ve been quietly consulting with …

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Radical Agenda S05E020 – Philosophical Lighthouse

Radical Agenda S04E047 - Michael Badnarik

If you’ve been listening to the Radical Agenda for awhile, you’ve heard me mention Michael Badnarik. He was, amongst other things, the 2004 Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, and had put together a lengthy presentation he called Introduction to the Constitution. I stumbled across that presentation about a decade ago, and it sent me …

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Radical Agenda S05E019 – Setup

Radical Agenda S05E019 - Setup

I generally try to avoid delving into “conspiracy theories,” but in recent weeks I’ve become convinced that there are far fewer accidents involved in our misfortune than I had previously assessed. How many people are acting with intentional malice, vs. how many are the useful idiots of those who so act, is anybody’s guess. We …

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Radical Agenda S05E018 – Props

Radical Agenda S05E018 - Props

It has been said that Democrats are the real racists. By this reasoning, all of their constant cries about racism from the Republicans are mere projection. Republicans for their part, are the true anti-Racists, who would never dream of taking the well being of their core demographic into political consideration. We racists find this all …

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Radical Agenda S05E017 – John Mark

Radical Agenda S05E017 - John Mark

Last week we had Curt Doolittle on the show talking about propertarianism. As well as that interview went, I felt like we barely scratched the surface of the subject matter. John Mark is another proponent of propertarianism who has been drawing a good deal of attention to himself on YouTube. With popular videos usually under …

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