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Radical Agenda S05E052 – Welcome Home, Will Planer

Radical Agenda S05E052 - Welcome Home, Will Planer

Will Planer is a combat veteran of the race war, who served his Race & Nation valiantly in the Battle of Sacramento in June of 2016. He, along with 18 other men, subsequently dubbed the “Sacramento Spartans” braved 20 to 1 odds, as hundreds of armed Left wing degenerates assaulted them in full view of …

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Radical Agenda S05E051 – All Ages

Radical Agenda S05E051 - All Ages

Drag Queen Story Hour has been making headlines across the country for months. Sane people everywhere are revolting against the Jewish onslaught of child sexualization, and being branded as Nazis for their trouble. Eventually, they’ll stop eschewing the label, one can hope. But the Jew never rests. He never backs down. He is a relentless …

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Radical Agenda S05E050 – Double Dealers

Radical Agenda S05E050 - Double Dealers

Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, and Laura Loomer held a free speech rally over the weekend in the District of Criminals. It was really edgy.  Milo dressed up as a woman and pretended to be Laura Loomer. No word on what bathrooms he used. As Milo handed the microphone to the real Laura Loomer, they had …

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Radical Agenda S05E049 – Medic!

Radical Agenda S05E049 - Medic!

When Big Tech censored “Nazis and White Supremacists” nobody cared much. When Facebook expanded the hunt to “White Nationalists” few saw much of a distinction. When they decided Jews and homosexuals fit the description and banned them, few besides the followers of those figures blinked. As the definition of “hate speech” begins to ensnare “borderline” …

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Radical Agenda S05E048 – Ending Pride

Radical Agenda S05E048 – Ending Pride

Summer is in full swing, as we prepare to celebrate America’s Independence Day. The sun is blazing, women are looking hot their burkinis, Salvadorans are drowning in the Rio Grande, the blacks are slaughtering one another in the hood, and the Democrat Party is blaming it on White folks. All telltale signs that the season …

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Radical Agenda S05E047 – Mercy

Radical Agenda S05E047 - Mercy

As communist terrorists wrought havoc on the city of Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017, police stood by and watched the city descend into anarchy. Attendees of the Unite the Right rally were compelled by circumstance to flee, and defend their lives as they attempted to escape the mayhem. None of this is in serious …

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Radical Agenda S05E046 – Hope

Radical Agenda S05E046 - Hope

After Wednesday’s airing of Outlaw Conservative, I stumbled across a piece in the Daily Beast which claimed Tucker Carlson was privately advising President Trump on foreign policy, particularly with regard to Iran. Prior to this, it had been widely reported that Trump never misses an episode of Tucker, and I’ve long felt that many segments …

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Radical Agenda S05E045 – Glowing Postal

Radical Agenda S05E045 - Glowing Postal

In any dissident movement, you have to expect feds and various other types of hostile actors to involve themselves, for obvious and not so obvious reasons. In a dissident movement which sets its sights on Jewish power, and thus treasures anonymity, you might as well assume that the majority of people you’re speaking to fit …

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Radical Agenda S05E044 – False Flag Day

Radical Agenda S05E044 - False Flag Day

Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Looks like John Bolton bought you a war. Go ahead, open it. I imagine many of you thought the same thing I did when you heard that the Iranians bombed yet another oil tanker. It felt a lot like when Assad just kept on gassing his own people with absolutely no …

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Radical Agenda S05E043 – Courting Failure

Radical Agenda S05E043 - Courting Failure

When YouTube ostensibly bowed to pressure from the Leftist Press, censoring thousands of videos and demonetizing countless more, a familiar pattern emerged. Rather than celebrating a hard won victory, the predatory media saw weakness, smelled blood in the water, and went in for the kill. After demonetizing Steven Crowder despite flat out admitting he didn’t …

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