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Radical Agenda S05E004 – Don’t Look

Radical Agenda S05E004 - Don't Look

I used to think conservatives were backwards religious fanatics who willingly ignored the evidence before their very eyes, just to maintain their outdated and superstitious ideology. It wasn’t just a coincidence, either. Back then, I thought this was the defining characteristic of conservatism. What I thought they were conserving was an obsolete worldview. Leftists, I …

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Outlaw Conservative S01E000 – Introduction

Outlaw Conservative S01E000 - Introduction

Radical Agenda listeners will recall me contemplating the possibility of rebranding the show recently. The Radical Agenda has been through a lot, as you all well know by now. The pressure to cave is tremendous, but I do not want to taint the name of the Radical Agenda with capitulation. I would sooner stop doing …

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Radical Agenda S05E003 – Patriot Front

Radical Agenda S05E003 - Patriot Front

Tom Rousseau, the leader of Patriot Front, is our guest for today. They’ve been one of few outfits still doing street activism since the implosion of the Alt Right last year. I’ve got more questions than answers at this point, and thusly the format of today’s show will be Tom and I getting to know …

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Radical Agenda S05E002 – Dating Diverse Degenerates

Radical Agenda S05E002 - Dating Diverse Degenerates

We have a special treat for you today. I mentioned at the end of S05E001 that I would not be in studio today, and I had intended to release a “Best Of Stage Four Opening Monologues” in place of today’s episode. Instead, I stumbled across some radio gold by accident last night, and I bring …

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Radical Agenda S05E001 – New Year, Old Bit

Radical Agenda S05E001 - New Year, Old Bit

In the current year, transgenderism is basically a welfare program for psychopaths. If your life sucks and everyone hates you, all you have to do is say you’re transgendered, and hating you will become a criminal offense. Gone are the days when one of these gender diverse science projects could not obtain employment or housing …

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Radical Agenda S04E065 – Coinciding Conclusions

Radical Agenda S04E065 - Coinciding Conclusions

It’s been quite a year, fellas. The echoes of Charlottesville, lawfare, internecine conflict, censorship, an all too familiar series of letdowns by the Republican Party, and a frightening realization of just how thoroughly our government has been corrupted, mar the pages of this year’s story. We’ve watched good men convicted and harshly sentenced for defending …

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Radical Agenda S04E064 – Spiraling Out

Radical Agenda S04E064 - Spiraling Out

Here at the Radical Agenda, our thirst for┬áliberty gave way to our need for order over the last couple of years. Our contempt for the heavy handed ways of the State, took a back seat to our greater contempt for Leftist riots, which have brought us to the brink of revolution. Whereas we had once …

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Radical Agenda S04E063 – United States of Anarchy

Radical Agenda S04E063 - United States of Anarchy

Back when I was staunch constitutionist in arguments with anarcho-capitalists, I frequently made the case that we were already in anarchy despite an all powerful institution wreaking havoc in the name of a government. The idea being that lawlessness had gripped the institutions themselves, as the constitution no longer seemed to restrain the actions of …

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Radical Agenda S04E062 – Snowflakes

Radical Agenda S04E062 - Snowflakes

Twas the night before Christmas, in the District of Criminals They shut down the government, but disruptions were minimal The bump stocks were banned, though the wall not forthcoming The Reds still run riot, while the feds still do nothing The patriots sat on the edge of their seats Preparing for war, though hoping for …

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Radical Agenda S04E061 – Shutdown Party

Radical Agenda S04E061 - Shutdown Party

I’m feeling like a conspiracy theorist today. Is our reality TV President just putting on a really great show? Everything has been right down to the wire for the last two years. Put off to the last minute, with all sorts of twists and turns, outcome never certain. That is, until the deadline passes and …

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