Radical Agenda S06E022 – S-Poasting

Some days, you want to convey a cohesive theme. Some days, you just want to shitpost. This is a day of the latter sort, and we here at the Radical Agenda feel entirely justified in this given the 20,000+ word masterpiece just published as “Sustained Action on the Path to Sovereignty“, which ought not be […]

Radical Agenda S06E021 – Colored Blind

Episode 42 of the Radical Agenda was titled “Willful Blindness” and was an important moment in the history of this production. During that episode, I discussed a lunatic who, much like the transgender freaks, felt like there was something wrong with her body. Jewel Shuping was diagnosed with something called “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” and […]

Radical Agenda S06E019 – Nathan Damigo

Nathan Damigo is one of the more interesting characters that we have had the pleasure of speaking with on the Radical Agenda, and this interview is long overdue. Closest to home, Mr. Damigo was my co-defendant in the Sines v. Kessler lawsuit down in the Western District of Virginia, and my current co-appellant. Given the […]

Radical Agenda S06E014 – Operation Warp Thee

In near all my interactions since coming home I’ve been struck by the shift in people’s perspectives. Just as striking is the tremendous variety of perspectives one comes into contact with. There appears consensus only on a single truth. Namely, that the information environment is so polluted, as to render discernment of reality a task […]