Radical Agenda S06E024 – Parody

A humorous study in contrasts emerged today as I was forfeiting my life to Elon Musk on Twitter. In one example, a Tweet appeared in my timeline depicting an “Insertable Anal Abortion Home Kit” for transgender “women” to experience the joys of abortion. In the image, a male anatomy is pictured with a balloon inserted […]

Radical Agenda S06E022 – S-Poasting

Some days, you want to convey a cohesive theme. Some days, you just want to shitpost. This is a day of the latter sort, and we here at the Radical Agenda feel entirely justified in this given the 20,000+ word masterpiece just published as “Sustained Action on the Path to Sovereignty“, which ought not be […]

Radical Agenda S06E021 – Colored Blind

Episode 42 of the Radical Agenda was titled “Willful Blindness” and was an important moment in the history of this production. During that episode, I discussed a lunatic who, much like the transgender freaks, felt like there was something wrong with her body. Jewel Shuping was diagnosed with something called “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” and […]