Outlaw Conservative S01E031 – On Another Note

As I was attempting to prepare for today’s episode of the Outlaw Conservative Podcast, I found myself in a bit of a bind. Literally every story on the radar is racially tinged, and we try to avoid that sort of discussion here, for fear of what the banking system might do to us if we deviate from the Narrative.

Wouldn’t it be nice of more conservative talk shows were this honest?

We are faced with a scenario in which anybody who wishes to speak on the issues of the day will be chased off the internet, unless they lie, and that’s a major problem. Democrats keep screaming simultaneously, that we need to “have a discussion” about race, but everytime someone talks about race in a fashion unfavorable to the Democrat Party, they get accused of hate speech and chased off the Internet.

Here’s a few examples of stories I’d love to cover today, but will have to wait until Friday for the uncensored show to really talk about frankly.

The New York Times “aims to reframe the country’s history” and place “the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are” in their newly unveiled “1619 Project”.

It’s almost needless to say, that rather than call out the Times for pursuing their own ethnocentric agenda, the New World Order Approved conservative media has rushed to say ridiculous things like “No, America Wasn’t Built On Slavery, But Faith That All Men Are Created Equal“.

And of course, not a day goes by in America without somebody calling the President a Nazi. Speaking of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib’s support for the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement against Israel, the President said “Any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty”.

A Left wing Jewish group called the remarks anti-Semitic, of course.

“This is an explicit dual loyalty charge wielded by the president of the United States against 80 percent of American Jews who voted against him,” the group said in a statement to Newsweek, alluding to 2018 midterm election data from the Pew Research Center.

“It is not merely an anti-Semitic dog whistle—it’s a bullhorn to his white nationalist base,” said IfNotNow. “American Jews and Democratic voters know full well the impact of the racist policies of Netanyahu and the Israeli government on the Palestinian people. This is why an overwhelming majority… oppose those policies, like unchecked settlement expansion.”

If it was a “bullhorn to his White Nationalist base” one might have some trouble reconciling this other headline, which reads “Twitter Ablaze as Trump Gets Praised as ‘King of Israel, Second Coming of God’

Something tells me the White Nationalists were less than enthusiastic about that “praise”. They would be pretty unlikely to take solace in the King of Israel serving also as President of the United States.

More accusations of racism came as the Trump administration on Wednesday unveiled a sweeping plan to detain migrant families and children for longer periods of time than currently allowed, touting a final regulation that would overhaul the immigration detention system in the U.S. and scrap a longstanding court settlement.

Another accusation of racism comes as the Trump administration announced it will begin enforcing the “public charge” rule against immigrants who come to the United States and live at the expense of taxpayers. Interesting theory, I keep on hearing liberals say that immigrants don’t use welfare. I suppose if I began talking about this subject, I’d be accused of racism too.

Granted, it wouldn’t be completely impossible for me to talk about these things, but it really is telling, I’d say, that only one side is allowed to talk about race, and they do it incessantly, while accusing everybody who responds of being terrorists. I don’t think this situation is likely to improve in the near future without substantial changes to the popular consciousness in America, so I spent some time last night and today thinking about how one might go about making that happen, without running afoul of the thought police.

How might we go about changing the discourse, so as to permit honest discussion?

The so called people who want us silenced, they know exactly how to shut down a conversation. They build vertical monopolies in key industries, and work within their ethnocentric groups to prevent competition. Not only in business, not only in politics, but even in the very discourse from which political and business activity arises.

There is plenty to be said for attacking our enemies head on, but there are other, safer avenues, which we can pursue to ease the burden on the front lines. Indeed, this is why they call the front lines the front lines. There are supposed to be people behind us.

One thing I’ve been noticing is stories in the news about White Nationalist fliers, posters, or other material otherwise deemed crimethink by the press, appearing in various places around the country. In some cases, people are being charged with crimes for simply handing out literature.

This got me to thinking about my time with the libertarians. We would frequently hand out literature, sometimes obtaining booths at county fairs or other public events. Rather than market ourselves as promoting anarchism, we would push something else which might lead people in our direction, the easiest example being Bitcoin.

As most of you likely already know, Bitcoin is a digital currency without a central point of control, with which transactions are irreversible, and nobody can be blacklisted. This stands in stark contrast to what we typically think of as money, in that most non-cash transactions are carried out either by bank transfers or credit and debit cards, which can and often do, reverse transactions based on myriad circumstances. US Dollars, also known as Federal Reserve Notes, are issued by America’s Central Bank, the Federal Reserve. All banks trafficking in dollars have some connection to the Federal Reserve, and if the Federal Reserve tells those banks to do something, they don’t have much choice in the matter.

Moreover, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and many underwriting banks and payment processors, have taken it upon themselves to interfere in our political discourse by depriving an expansive and growing list of people and groups of the ability to collect donations. Any attempt to right this wrong through the courts is stifled by the incredible expense of suing such powerful entities while deprived of a fundraising platform.

This problem would be solved by wider adoption of cryptocurrency, which is a far less controversial subject than what we often talk about on the uncensored production. People who wanted to be more active, without risking the consequences of promoting controversial subject matter, could dramatically improve our political landscape by promoting cryptocurrency adoption amongst the general public.

Monero, and other so called “privacy coins” like Dash, and ZCash,  in particular, I think provide an excellent opportunity here. A “Safer Than Bitcoin” marketing campaign, whether done through electronic, print, or in person promotion, could catch a lot of general interest, with minimal risk.

Here’s another one: DuckDuckGo.

Google has become synonymous with search. When people do a web search they say “I Googled It” even if they happen to have actually done a search through Bing or DuckDuckGo or some other search engine which their browser defaulted to. Since Google has made its activist intentions abundantly clear in public, and whistleblowers from the company have come forward to shed light on just how much they are willing to sacrifice the integrity of their systems for those activist intentions, we are presented simultaneously with a challenge and an opportunity.

Do a Google search for “Christopher Cantwell” and you’ll find an abundance of smears on my character from ideologically left wing publications for several pages before you hear another from me.

Do a DuckDuckGo search for the same term, and my self titled website will appropriately be presented as the first result, just as Google once did.

It would not be a substantial challenge to create a flier with a list of Google’s many sins, encouraging people to use DuckDuckGo instead. You wouldn’t even have to touch on their censorship of so called “racists” to do this. You could simply cite their bias against publications like Breitbart and InfoWars, their privacy violations, their collusion with the Chinese government, their unwillingness to assist the US government, etc… Peter Thiel flatly accused them of treason, and you can do the same.

Tucker Carlson presents a spectacular opportunity as well.

Here at the Outlaw Conservative, we try our best to make this production suitable for listening to at work, and I’ll be the first to acknowledge, we sometimes fail. Just my face and voice are deemed hate speech by some, as evidenced by this production’s banishment from iTunes, Twitch, Smashcast, and other platforms.

Tucker Carlson is branded a White Nationalist by the globalist media, but he is also the 2nd most popular show in cable news, right behind Sean Hannity. Leftists were on the brink of suicide Monday, as he returned from a vacation they had speculated was forced, due to his calling White Supremacy a “hoax”. They hate him precisely because he calls attention to important issues, in a fashion no honest person can call racist. Literally, there is hardly an episode where he doesn’t denounce racism, and he manages to play the DR3 “Democrats aRe the Real Racists” card quite skillfully.

I had been thinking to myself in recent weeks, as I watched Trump speak at a few events, “He should be telling those audiences to watch Tucker Carlson. He should never do a rally or a press conference without mentioning that show. Anybody who watches that show for six months is definitely going to change their political views”.

Moreover, given the ad boycotts and slander campaign by outfits like Media Matters, he could actually use the support.

Somebody standing outside a train station, handing out “Watch Tucker” fliers, could easily impact vote counts in next year’s election. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, this would be a better investment of one’s time than volunteering for the Trump campaign.

Another project I had been admiring was something called Far Left Watch.

They did an excellent job of covering the Antifa beat, calling out their most violent elements with damning detail, while simultaneously managing not to engage in any political or ideological advocacy of their own. By this method, they managed to maintain a social media presence, as well as access to financial tools like Patreon.

They also ran a #DefundAntifa campaign, with some success, getting Left wing terrorists banned from some of the payment systems we’ve been banned from. They provided detailed instructions on how to contact the abuse departments of various providers, and suggested targets and language for the complaints.

Unfortunately, they haven’t updated their site since May, despite a really unspinnable Antifa riot just last weekend in Portland. Their Twitter account remains active however, with nearly 60k followers. Whether one were to volunteer for them, or launch a parallel project of a similar nature, this is excellent activism and journalism which is sadly and surprisingly scarce.

In these and other pursuits, you may find the following resources helpful.

I am attaching to the show description for today, this Photoshop template for a trifold brochure, which can be printed professionally or on your home printer using standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

If you don’t have Photoshop, this can also be edited using the freeware GNU Image Manipulation Program, also known as GIMP.

When handing out fliers, it is helpful if you can direct people to a website where you control the message. I spend a lot of money on web hosting, because my sites are occasionally met with media attention which drives a lot of traffic, and I am relentlessly pursued by criminals and censors alike.

Your less controversial website needs no such expenditures. LowEndBox.com is a great resource for finding low cost web hosting services, though I warn the listener, they vary in quality standards.  I’ve been running some low key uncontroversial sites using KudosHosting myself, and they have been tolerable for the low pricepoint. They offer unlimited reseller accounts, where you can host as many websites as you see fit for one low monthly, or yearly, price.

KudosHosting offers cPanel and Softaculous, which makes setting up and maintaining websites very simple. You can install WordPress with a single click, and if you don’t already know, WordPress is among the most popular blogging platforms on the planet. All of my websites use WordPress, and it is profoundly versatile.

Beyond blogging, plugins can extend WordPress to facilitate podcasting, ecommerce, and even social media.

One way that I have fought back against deplatforming is by building up my email list, which you should most definitely subscribe to. I have been kicked off the most popular systems, like MailChimp, GetResponse, and MailerLite, because they disagree with my politics. To overcome that, I found a free WordPress plugin called Newsletter, which works spectacularly, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I only wish I had found it before I spent all that money with our political opponents. Using this software, you do not need services like MailChimp, you can run it right from your WordPress blog, at no additional cost.

You’ll probably want to try and bring in some revenue from this, so as to compensate you for your time and expenses, and perhaps free you from answering to your current employer, if things go well enough. In addition to soliciting donations, and selling your own products and services, affiliate advertising can be an excellent source of revenue.

Affiliate advertising, in case you are unaware, is a revenue model where the publisher gets paid a cut of each sale directed to the vendor. In contrast, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and others, offer what is known in the business as CPM or CPC models, which compensate publishers based on the number of impressions, or the number of clicks, respectively.

Before my deplatforming, this revenue source brought me hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars each month. I’ve been banned from the most popular affiliate programs, but your less controversial subject matter ought to suffer no such hindrances.

The Amazon Associates program is very popular, and allows you to earn as little as 5% or more than 7% of each sale, depending on how much revenue you send them.

The eBay Partner Network operates on a similar model.

There are also a number of Affiliate Networks, where you can sign up for one account, and using that account, apply to dozens or hundreds of affiliate programs for all of your favorite, and not so favorite sites. Everything from Home Depot, to Walmart, to vape shops, dietary supplements, and much more.

From experience I can tell you that the following platforms offer tremendous opportunities.

  • CJ.com Formerly known as Commission Junction
  • ShareASale.com
  • FlexOffers.com
  • PepperjamNetwork.com
  • LinkShare.com by Rakuten Marketing
  • AvantLink.com
  • ImpactRadius.com
  • PeerFly.com
  • ClickBank.com
  • MaxBounty.com
  • LinkConnector.com
  • RevenueWire.com

This is by no means an exhaustive list. To get better informed about affiliate advertising, you might consider signing up for an Affiliate Advertising forum account on WealthyAffiliate.com or AffiliateFix.com, or any number of other easily discovered forums by searching DuckDuckGo.

If you get into this, you’ll want to start checking the footers of web stores you visit, and there you will frequently find a link labeled “Affiliates”. Web hosts, VPN services, retailers, and countless service providers, offer their own self hosted affiliate programs, which you can sing up for and market in accordance with the content you produce.

For example, if you wanted to market cryptocurrency, you might consider signing up for the Ledger Hardware Wallet’s affiliate program. Changelly is a service which allows people to buy cryptocurrency using a debit card, or to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, and they offer an affiliate program too. The Binance cryptocurrency exchange also offers a referral program, which cuts you in on up to 40% of trading fees for the lifetime of any account that signs up through your link.

The opportunities are quite literally endless, and I’ll tell you again what you’ve heard me say before, there are many reasons to be hopeful about the future. It’s easy to get blackpilled with all that’s going on, and we will certainly have lots more black pills to swallow in the months and years ahead. But what made us great, what allowed our people to conquer the globe before we abdicated our rule, was our ability to adapt to changing circumstances, to see which way things were going, and get ahead of the situation. There is nothing stopping us from doing that again, if we put our minds to it, and we put in the effort.


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Radical Agenda S05E062 – The Joke’s on Jew

Writing at Quartz, Klaus Meyer pens a piece of comedic fiction parading as a plan for stopping a fascist takeover, based on what he says are lessons from the Nazi Party’s rise to power. Given his name, and the publication for which he was writing, you might be less than surprised to find out that he did not for one second pause to think about why the NSDAP actually enjoyed popular support before and during their governance of Germany.

Instead, Meyer spins a rather uninteresting tale about a multiparty coalition forming in the small German state of Braunschweig. Humorously, Meyer laments Hitler being granted German citizenship by his allies in that coalition, which ultimately facilitated his rise to Chancellor.

That would be a lesson worth learning for the Left indeed, be more cautious about who you grant citizenship to.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the lesson Meyer wishes the reader to take with them.

Instead, the lessons to be learned, claims Meyer, are as follows;

For voters, be informed and engaged. And steer clear from political groups that are not committed to democratic processes or have racially motivated agendas.

For politicians, sharing power with extremists in your own party, or in other parties, is dangerous. Politicians of the center-left and center-right may see each other as historical opponents, but they should be allied in fighting extremists on either side.

The lesson he hopes for voters to take away is contradictory on its face. One cannot “steer clear” of groups that have “racially motivated agendas” and simultaneously be informed and engaged. He is literally telling them to remain ignorant of people who confess the racial motivations for their agendas, and to disengage from people who openly state such motivations. If groups with racially motivated agendas are attempting to participate in the political process, then trying to stifle them by means other than winning the debate, is contrary to the democratic process Meyer feigns to place such high value upon.

Of  course, one doubts Klaus has written many condemnations of the Black Lives Matter movement. A cursory DuckDuckGo search turns up nothing of the sort. Equally lacking is any critique of Zionism, predictably. It would thus appear that some racially motivated agendas are more worthy of condemnation than others, in the view of Mr. Meyer.

Not that this is unusual, obviously.

His warning to politicians is equally humorous. He warns of sharing power with extremists within one’s own party, or in other parties. This, again, would be advice worth heeding, for the Democrats. Their open embrace of extremists within their ranks is the stuff of legends. Then there’s that Democratic Socialist Jew from Vermont who might well be their Presidential nominee. He just announced that he would “go to war” against “racism” in America, going so far as to remind everybody that he thinks every inequality which emerges along racial lines is racism, and will thus be subjected to every dictatorial power he convinces himself he can seize in this pursuit. The Leftist love affair with violent Antifa communists is particularly noteworthy, given the mayhem they waged on camera over the weekend.

These sort of things are precisely what necessitate the rise of authoritarian regimes, thereby facilitating them.

If one failed to read between the lines, they might think this was lost on Mr. Meyer. A closer look however, reveals that he had some awareness of Germany’s communist problem.

After the national power grab of the Nazi party in January 1933, Braunschweig, sooner than elsewhere, experienced dismissals, arrests of political opponents, street violence, and book burning. Among many social democrats and communists, former prime minister Jasper and city major Ernst Böhme were arrested; Böhme was tortured until he signed his resignation. Gassner first hid and then fled the state, resigned while in Bonn, and was arrested upon his return to Braunschweig.

But Meyer only laments the arrests of these communists, and their supposed mistreatment at the hands of the NSDAP. The fact that there were communists who the National Socialists could arrest in the first place, seems to be a non-issue for Meyer and Quartz. Perhaps unsurprisingly. The implication then, is necessarily that Meyer is less than sincere in his warning that “either side” must guard against extremism.

It is precisely this sort of enthusiastic blindness to the facts which facilitates the rise of extreme Left wing movements like communism and Antifa. In the Democrat Party today, the so called “Justice Democrats” have taken full advantage of the unspoken “Don’t Punch Left” policy of the Democrat Party. Through this window of opportunity, they have slipped insane ideas into the party agenda, such as a unilateral ban on fossil fuels dubbed the “Green New Deal” which would plunge America into darkness, anarchy, and famine, while the rest of the world joyously got rich pumping carbon into the atmosphere.

While Democrats may have learned from their pollsters that “Open Borders” is a losing issue with voters, they nonetheless are the open borders party as a matter of practice, since they refuse to budge on immigration in any way. They decry all immigration enforcement as “concentration camps”.  They deceptively whine about “family separation” for illegal immigrants, while having no problem separating American gun owners from their families. They chant “comprehensive immigration reform” as the solution to all of this, counting on the average citizen to be ignorant of the fact that this is a euphemism for amnesty.

Should Americans be fortunate enough to see a “fascist takeover” in their lifetimes, these will be the reasons why. It will have nothing to do with any of the idiotic distractions they count on their low IQ constituencies to mindlessly chant. It won’t be because Russia hacked our election, because White Supremacist Terrorism toppled the State, or because Donald Trump stayed up late carelessly retweeting questionable information.

If When fascism comes to America, it will be because America had no other choice. That is what happened in Germany, and that is what you are watching unfold before your eyes today.

Take this quote from Mein Kampf, and tell me with a straight face this could not be said of Leftist mayhem today…

Within less than two years I had gained a clear understanding of Social Democracy, in its teaching and the technique of its operations.

I recognized the infamy of that technique whereby the movement carried on a campaign of mental terrorism against the bourgeoisie, who are neither morally nor spiritually equipped to withstand such attacks. The tactics of Social Democracy consisted in opening, at a given signal, a veritable drum-fire of lies and calumnies against the man whom they believed to be the most redoubtable of their adversaries, until the nerves of the latter gave way and they sacrificed the man who was attacked, simply in the hope of being allowed to live in peace. But the hope proved always to be a foolish one, for they were never left in peace.

The same tactics are repeated again and again, until fear of these mad dogs exercises, through suggestion, a paralysing effect on their Victims.

Through its own experience Social Democracy learned the value of strength, and for that reason it attacks mostly those in whom it scents stuff of the more stalwart kind, which is indeed a very rare possession. On the other hand it praises every weakling among its adversaries, more or less cautiously, according to the measure of his mental qualities known or presumed. They have less fear of a man of genius who lacks will-power than of a vigorous character with mediocre intelligence and at the same time they highly commend those who are devoid of intelligence and will-power.

The Social Democrats know how to create the impression that they alone are the protectors of peace. In this way, acting very circumspectly but never losing sight of their ultimate goal, they conquer one position after another, at one time by methods of quiet intimidation and at another time by sheer daylight robbery, employing these latter tactics at those moments when public attention is turned towards other matters from which it does not wish to be diverted, or when the public considers an incident too trivial to create a scandal about it and thus provoke the anger of a malignant opponent.

These tactics are based on an accurate estimation of human frailties and must lead to success, with almost mathematical certainty, unless the other side also learns how to fight poison gas with poison gas. The weaker natures must be told that here it is a case of to be or not to be.

I also came to understand that physical intimidation has its significance for the mass as well as for the individual. Here again the Socialists had calculated accurately on the psychological effect.

Intimidation in workshops and in factories, in assembly halls and at mass demonstrations, will always meet with success as long as it does not have to encounter the same kind of terror in a stronger form.

Then of course the Party will raise a horrified outcry, yelling blue murder and appealing to the authority of the State, which they have just repudiated. In doing this their aim generally is to add to the general confusion, so that they may have a better opportunity of reaching their own goal unobserved. Their idea is to find among the higher government officials some bovine creature who, in the stupid hope that he may win the good graces of these awe-inspiring opponents so that they may remember him in case of future eventualities, will help them now to break all those who may oppose this world pest.

The impression which such successful tactics make on the minds of the broad masses, whether they be adherents or opponents, can be estimated only by one who knows the popular mind, not from books but from practical life. For the successes which are thus obtained are taken by the adherents of Social Democracy as a triumphant symbol of the righteousness of their own cause; on the other hand the beaten opponent very often loses faith in the effectiveness of any further resistance.

The more I understood the methods of physical intimidation that were employed, the more sympathy I had for the multitude that had succumbed to it.

I am thankful now for the ordeal which I had to go through at that time; for it was the means of bringing me to think kindly again of my own people, inasmuch as the experience enabled me to distinguish between the false leaders and the victims who have been led astray.

A day will arrive when the people get sick and tired of the regularly scheduled riots by masked degenerates who are fawned over as heroes by the Jewish Press. The current popular distrust of that same Jewish Press, will at some moment become universal. At some point they will realize that dismissing every legitimate complaint as racist, or a conspiracy theory, is just a way for the people in power to continue their bad behavior while silencing their critics. Eventually, they’ll have had their fill of violent repeat offender criminals, set free in the name of racial equality, opening fire on law enforcement. Someday, they’ll decide their toddlers have been given one too many gender options by their public school.

By that time, they’ll find it too obvious to need stating, that the Jews are responsible for this state of affairs.

Again, from Mein Kampf;

It is this Press above all which carries on a fanatical campaign of calumny, strives to tear down everything that might be considered as a mainstay of national independence and to sabotage all cultural values as well as to destroy the autonomy of the national economic system.

It aims its attack especially against all men of character who refuse to fall into line with the Jewish efforts to obtain control over the State or who appear dangerous to the Jews merely because of their superior intelligence. For in order to incur the enmity of the Jew it is not necessary to show any open hostility towards him. It is quite sufficient if one be considered capable of opposing the Jew some time in the future or using his abilities and character to enhance the power and position of a nation which the Jew finds hostile to himself.

The Jewish instinct, which never fails where these problems have to be dealt with, readily discerns the true mentality of those whom the Jew meets in everyday life; and those who are not of a kindred spirit with him may be sure of being listed among his enemies. Since the Jew is not the object of aggression but the aggressor himself, he considers as his enemies not only those who attack him but also those who may be capable of resisting him. The means which he employs to break people of this kind, who may show themselves decent and upright, are not the open means generally used in honourable conflict, but falsehood and calumny.

He will stop at nothing. His utterly low-down conduct is so appalling that one really cannot be surprised if in the imagination of our people the Jew is pictured as the incarnation of Satan and the symbol of evil.

The ignorance of the broad masses as regards the inner character of the Jew, and the lack of instinct and insight that our upper classes display, are some of the reasons which explain how it is that so many people fall an easy prey to the systematic campaign of falsehood which the Jew carries on.

While the upper classes, with their innate cowardliness, turn away from anyone whom the Jew thus attacks with lies and calumny, the common people are credulous of everything, whether because of their ignorance or their simple mindedness. Government authorities wrap themselves up in a robe of silence, but more frequently they persecute the victims of Jewish attacks in order to stop the campaign in the Jewish Press. To the fatuous mind of the government official such a line of conduct appears to belong to the policy of upholding the authority of the State and preserving public order. Gradually the Marxist weapon in the hands of the Jew becomes a constant bogy to decent people. Sometimes the fear of it sticks in the brain or weighs upon them as a kind of nightmare. People begin to quail before this fearful foe and therewith become his victims.

Once people understand this stuff, nobody will care about being called a Nazi or a racist or a White Supremacist. Such terms will just become synonymous with baseline integrity standards. No amount of moral posturing, finger wagging, puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, hair dye, Holocaust mythology, pepper spray, perjury, or litigation will stand a chance at damming the flood of pent up righteous fury. That fury will be expressed by the very secret ballot these so called Democrats had spent their years praising, as the ultimate oracle of wisdom and morality.

Let us see who is “not committed to democratic processes” on that day.

But it’s not just Klaus Meyer paving the way to the final solution. The last week has been absolutely chock-full of Jewish blunders fit for Nazi lulz.

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were back in the news for plotting a trip to Israel, during which they planned to subvert the Jewish ethnostate from within. This is against Israeli law, of course, and so the two Jewish financed communist revolutionaries were barred from entry.

I can neither confirm nor deny Israeli chants of “Send Her Back” upon the news becoming public.

Tlaib and Omar are dutiful servants to the Jew when stateside. All that toxic, subversive, hostile nonsense they insert into our politics is most enthusiastically supported by American and world Jewery, as they seek to undermine everything that is decent and upright in this world, or at least, in their diaspora host Nations.

But sometimes, the Jew does a poor job of training his pets, and the owner gets bit. When you spend that much time talking about how everyone but you needs to open their borders and embrace communist notions of equality, eventually you have to expect somebody other than a “White Supremacist” is going to spot your hypocrisy.

From outward appearances, it would seem Tlaib and Omar fit that description, though I still harbor some doubts of this.

Tlaib tried to copy the Jewish bit about family separation for herself, claiming that she wanted to go visit her near dead grandmother in Palestine. When the Israeli government permitted just such a visit, minus the subversive activities, Tlaib backpedaled and started whining about her freedom of speech. A luxury, it is worth noting, she does not favor extending to her fellow Americans.

In one of his better Tweets, President Trump noted “The only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandmother. She doesn’t have to see her now!”

In other news, the Anti-Defamation League inadvertently confirmed suspicions that Jews were behind a particularly toxic group of fed posting fake White Nationalists. In an August 15th post titled “Despite YouTube Policy Update, Anti-Semitic, White Supremacist Channels Remain” the Jewish Bolshevik ADL whined like only Jews can, about 29 YouTube channels they don’t like, which have yet to be completely terminated. Seven of those channels have less than 2,000 subscribers. One has less than 200.

Yet, conspicuously absent from their complaint are a series of channels all belonging to the same group, whose subscribers exceed 12,000, and whose advocacy includes enthusiastic celebrations of mass murders. This is not for failure to notice them, of course, as the group has been covered by the SPLC, Angry White Men, and others who are (perhaps willingly) less informed about the purpose of these agitators.

Just before the ADL announcement, this group told their Twitter followers they were going to be taking a bit of a break from their production. And yes, you heard me right. Twitter hasn’t banned these terrorist sympathizers either.

Why? Because they want these people there. Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos are too dangerous for Twitter, but not the people who “Herald the arrival” of Brenton Tarrant.

And predictably, at the moment of their “hiatus” several men end up in jail for supposedly murderous plots, not at all dissimilar from the ones they’ve been telling everybody else to carry out.

From Heavy.com

A Las Vegas security guard with ties to a neo-Nazi group has been arrested by federal authorities after plotting domestic terrorist attacks against a synagogue and LGBTQ bar. Conor Aiea Climo, 23, was arraigned in federal court on August 9 and charged with one count of possession of an unregistered firearm, described by the Justice Department as “component parts of a destructive device.” The items were found in his home during an August 8 raid led by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Climo caught the eye of investigators after they noticed him using encrypted messages to chat online about attacking a Las Vegas synagogue, and making Molotov cocktails and improvised explosive devices known as IEDs. In May 2019, Climo started communicating over the internet with an FBI Online Covert Employee (OCE) who was posing as an alt-right extremist.

Climo described himself as a member of the Feurerkrieg Division (FKD), a splinter group of a larger white supremacist organization, Atomwaffen Division.

From Vice.com

An international neo-Nazi extremist group has claimed in chat channels that it had advance knowledge of planned terrorist attacks by an alleged member, a Las Vegas man arrested for plotting bombings against a local synagogue.

Tipped by the Counter Extremism Project, a US-based terrorism watchdog, VICE has viewed messages by the Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), a splinter of the violent white supremacist extremist group Atomwaffen Division (AWD). FKD, which is based in Europe, has claimed it not only encouraged attacks by Conor Climo, 23, on Las Vegas’ LGBTQ and Jewish communities, but knew of his plot before his arrest.

When he told us about his idea we even encouraged him and asked if he needed help, he said he didn’t,” said a recent message on what is believed to be the official FKD Telegram channel, which has approximately 330 members.

Again from Mein Kampf;

As a sign of their growing presumption and sense of security, a certain section of them openly and impudently proclaim their Jewish nationality while another section hypocritically pretend that they are German, French or English as the case may be. Their blatant behaviour in their relations with other people shows how clearly they envisage their day of triumph in the near future.

And thus the Jew celebrates a few more goyim hauled off to jail, as they briskly scatter like cockroaches from light. They parade the mugshots around as proof of their delusions, and demand ever more concessions from the people they victimize. Anyone who dares question their aim is put in precisely the category of the fools they duped into breaking the law, and even as knowledge of their misdeeds spreads, none dare speak out, for fear of the Jews.

But such tricks become obvious to the trained eye with time, and despite their considerable success in slowing the spread of that wisdom, the wisdom still continues to spread. Have the Jews bought themselves a year? Five? Ten? Who knows.

But it’s not an eternity.

Especially not if they keep up with scams like the one the pulled in Charlottesville.

You might have heard a story break that a “journalist” was prevented from publishing a story in which medics were “forced” by state police to stop working on communist landwhale Heather Heyer, after she was struck by James Fields’s car, while he fled the rifles of Redneck Revolt. The 32 year old obese Newport smoker died of a long overdue heart attack, which a medical examiner’s report says was brought on by “blunt force trauma to the chest”.

Mary Emily O’Hara tweeted recently that her former employer barred her from publishing the story “because Jerry Lewis died that week and the network decided to run tributes instead of news for that hour.” She also said she was barred from publishing it anywhere else, but that she’ll “never forget what those medics told” her.

People in Right wing circles quickly jumped on the story as proof that police intentionally caused Heyer’s death as pretext for pre-ordained political actions. An understandable conclusion, given that the police in Charlottesville were most definitely involved in a politically motivated criminal conspiracy that weekend.

In the hysteria however, they actually missed what is probably an even bigger story.

The “medic” O’Hara referred to hadn’t arrived in an ambulance. They weren’t employed by the local government or an area hospital. The so-called “medic” was one of Heyer’s fellow communist rioters who just happened to be out disobeying the same dispersal order as Heyer.

When pressed for details, O’Hara tweeted “It’s not really so controversial. If you poke around on google for 5 minutes or so you’ll find a blog post written by one of the medics the week of the crash,”

She seems to be referring to a post on ItsGoingDown.org, a clearinghouse for violent antifa propaganda knowing for worshipping communist terrorists such as Black Lives Matter cop killer, Micah Johnson.

Just three days after the communist riots that claimed the freedom of several brave patriots, including myself, an anonymous contributor submitted a story titled “Why Did A State Trooper Try To Stop Medics From Performing CPR On Heather Heyer?

It begins with “As a queer, non-binary, anarchist,” assuring the reader that the contributor is not of sound mind. The mental defective goes on to describe itself as a “street medic” and “first responder for Heather Heyer, initiating CPR and, with a team of amazing bystanders, facilitating resuscitation until EMS arrived”.

The story continues;

When we heard the car crash into our march, I was about 20 feet away from Heather, and I responded immediately to the screams for medics. I arrived to find bystanders holding c-spine traction on Heather’s neck and putting pressure on a deep leg wound to stop the bleeding, and I stopped to assist in controlling the bleed. Within a minute or two, Heather’s respirations slowed and stopped, she lost her pulse, we rolled her onto her back, and I began chest compressions. An EMT street medic provided respiratory supplies, and a bystander with medic training began respirations.

One of the critical aspects of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), which is the advanced form of CPR that trained medics provide, is maintaining chest compressions at an effective depth and speed, with no breaks in compressions. Providing effective chest compressions is exhausting, and to maintain effective compressions, we ideally provide compressions for only two minutes, and take turns with other medics.

In 90 degree heat, this is even more essential. I was horrified to discover, after two minutes of intense, exhausting chest compressions, that a state trooper had forcibly removed the EMT assisting me in resuscitation, as well as other bystanders ready in line for the next round of compressions. The EMT told the state trooper that we were actively resuscitating a patient, but the state trooper physically removed him from the scene anyway.

I had to yell for other bystanders to come assist with compressions, and two people courageously responded, despite the threats of the state trooper. The state trooper then began yelling at me to leave my patient. I initially thought that perhaps he intended to take over chest compressions, and counted him in to start the next round of compressions (when we switch out on chest compressions, particularly in a chaotic situation, we always count each other in, as in “switching in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” so that we don’t have confusion that results in a pause in chest compressions), but he stood by and said he could not do compressions. Why?! I thought to myself.

He continued yelling at me to leave, and would not back down until I screamed that I’m a critical care nurse, I do CPR frequently, we have a patient without a pulse or respirations, and we will NOT stop CPR. He then began screaming that I could stay, but the other bystanders assisting CPR had to leave (they didn’t), and he did not stop until a firefighter arrived and took over chest compressions.

The queer goes on to imply the cop may have been responsible for Heyer’s death, but claims not to have gotten the name or badge number of the Trooper. It asks readers to get the information to the propagandists of ItsGoingDown.org, so that they can harass his employers until he is fired.

In my view, the bigger story here is that a tranny started hammering away on the chest of a morbidly obese smoker in the wake of a car wreck, and refused to stop when police told the mental patient to get lost. Heyer’s death was not immediately ruled a homicide. Nor did the medical examiner immediately determine that the blunt force trauma to Heyer’s chest actually result from the car accident. That was a political calculation made by the same prosecutors who refused to enforce the law against any Leftist criminals that weekend.

Heyer died from a heart attack, which would surely have come just weeks down the road from smoking, Oreos, and black boyfriends, were the pig smart enough to stay off the streets during a riot. The timing of the heart attack is alleged to have come from “blunt force trauma to the chest” which it is important to note, could come from the chest compressions this sexual deviant refused to stop performing when ordered to by law enforcement.

MyCPRCertificationOnline.com lists five potential side effects of CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a harsh medical intervention with multiple side effects that result from receiving it. Common side effects include:

1. Aspiration & Vomiting: The most frequent occurrence during CPR, vomiting can present a danger to the victim. Since the victim is unconscious, he is unable to clear the vomit from his mouth and, if not cleared, the victim is likely to aspirate (inhale) it into his lungs, blocking the airway and leading to possible infection.

2. Broken Ribs Bone: The force of chest compressions is likely to break ribs. In the elderly, this is significantly more common due to the brittleness and weakness of their bones. Broken ribs present a danger because a broken rib could possibly puncture or lacerate (cut) a lung, the spleen or the liver. They are also very painful.

3. Internal Brain Injuries: Since CPR leaves the brain receiving 5% less oxygen than normal, brain damage is possible. Brain damage occurs within 4 to 6 minutes from the time the brain is deprived of oxygen, and after 10 minutes, it definitely occurs. This can lead to long-term health complications.

4. Abdominal Distension: As a result of air being forced into the lungs, the abdomen usually becomes distended (bloated) and full of air during CPR, leading to compression of the lungs (making ventilation more difficult) and an increased chance of vomiting.

5. Aspiration Pneumonia: The result of vomit and foreign objects (like a person’s own teeth) being inhaled into the lungs can lead to aspiration pneumonia, which can be very dangerous to a victim’s health and could complicate recovery, or even be fatal, even if the victim does survive CPR.

Overall, all of these side effects mean that, if a person does survive CPR, their long-term health could suffer and they may be alive, but it is possible that their overall health and quality of life is significantly affected.

Additionally, HealthLine warns us that chest compressions can result in a myocardial contusion. The Merck Manual warns that a myocardial contusion can cause tachycardia, and the Mayo Clinic warns that tachycardia can cause heart failure, cardiac arrest, and death.


There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

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Radical Agenda S05E061 – Hate Speech

There has been a lot of talk lately about incendiary rhetoric, racism, hate speech, hate crimes, and domestic terrorism. Every time some white guy with an opinion so much as contemplates breaking the law, those stupid enough to take CNN seriously are made to believe there is some kind of existential crisis in America. One which can only be solved by the pseudo-repeal of the First and Second amendments to the US Constitution.

You’ve surely heard just about the entire panel of soon to be failed Democrat Presidential candidates, blame Trump for a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. According to them, Trump’s observation that millions of military aged males illegally pouring across a sovereign border constitutes an invasion, so warped the mind of one young man, that he threw his life away on a mass shooting. The Antifa cross dresser who killed 9 people in 30 seconds that same weekend, seems to have slipped beneath their radar, except as a footnote in their gun control propaganda.

Just yesterday, Courtney Hagle at Media Matters lamented that “Fox News has called immigration an “invasion” multiple times since El Paso“. Drawing a not at all subtle connection between calling a spade a spade, and mass murder, Hagle continues the Democrat Smear Machine’s vendetta against the only cable news network who dares to deviate from Democrat talking points.

It is easy, and likely even prudent, to dismiss such utterances as mere Jewish nonsense. Perhaps however, we would be well served to consider the implications of the premise. If speaking of a group, in terms which conjure in the mind the image of a threat, predictably results in criminal violence, then clearly our current legal system falls short of providing a remedy. Radical changes will need to be made, prohibiting a broad range of discussion, in order to moderate our discourse, and preserve the peace and prosperity of our society.

To analyze the situation rationally however, we’ll need to stop listening to Jews. We’ll definitely need to talk about something other than the hoax of the White Supremacist threat, if we hope to find ourselves in proximity to credible conclusions. So where else might we seek examples of inflammatory statements resulting in violence?

Not long ago, the New York Times lamented YouTube’s “algorithms” fostering right wing extremism. The Southern Poverty Law Center blamed Google’s search algorithms for radicalizing Dylann Roof. In response to these pressures, Google has blacklisted news sites, demonetized some YouTube producers, and outright banned numerous others.

Interestingly, a YouTube playlist titled “ACAB Fuck The Police Playlist – Kill-A-Cop Hip Hop” wasn’t caught up in the censorship, despite the playlist description reading “Music to kill pigs to” and receiving over 50,000 plays. The playlist contains 48 tracks, only three of which have been deleted. Considering the content of the remaining tracks, one might be justified in concluding the removed tracks were not removed due to community guidelines violations.

Some notable titles in the playlist include

  • N.W.A. – Fuck Tha Police (The Explicit) – with over 11,000,000 views
  • Mobb Deep – Cop Hell
  • Dead Prez – Cop Shot (HQ) with over 60,000 views
  • Paris – Coffee, Donuts & Death with nearly 50,000 views
  • Ice-T – Cop Killer (Lyrics) with 451,000 views
  • Killer Mike – Shot Down
  • Onyx – Strike Bac ft SickFlo (Prod by Scopic) OFFICIAL VERSION with over 120,000 views
  • MC Ma’at – Puppet Master Massacre (Music Video) with over 55,000 views
  • ILL BiLL – How To Kill A Cop with over 88,000 views
  • Looptroop – Cop Killin’ with over 11,000 views
  • Dead Prez – Fuck The Law with over 76,000 views
  • Dead Prez – Murda Box
  • Boogie Down Productions – Who Protects Us From You with over 67,000 views
  • Jeru da Damaja – Invasion
  • Immortal Technique/S.O.U.L Purpose – The Other White Meat
  • Nas- Cops Keep Firing (The Nigger Tape) with over 33,000 views
  • Immortal Technique–Fight Until The End ft Sabac
  • The Coup – Pork And Beef with over 23,00 views
  • PARIS – Night of the Long Knives with over 188,000 views
  • Onyx – Fuck Da Law (Official Video) #AAA with over 398,000 views
  • Onyx – Against All Authorities (Official Video) #AAA with over 145,000 views

This is unapologetically murderous propaganda against police officers, with a target demographic primarily consisting of young black males. Young black males of course, constitute more than half of serious violent crime in America, and 42% of cop killings specifically, so this is by no means irrelevant. It is by no means an exhaustive list of such material available on YouTube, either. The site is replete with racial animus against Whites in general, and cops in particular.

And perhaps if this sort of murder propaganda was just limited to the music industry, we could dismiss it as art, and rest easy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Politicians, particularly those of the Democrat variety, have relentlessly amplified demonstrably false themes about a racist criminal justice system imprisoning and murdering blacks for no other reason than an aesthetic preference for lighter skin tones in the populace.

Examples of this are too numerous to bother listing, but of recent notoriety, are statements from Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, echoing the lie that Michael Brown was murdered by White police officer Darren Wilson. That myth sent the city of Ferguson, Missouri, and the surrounding areas into catastrophic unrest which included numerous assaults and arsons. It also poured gasoline on the Black Lives Matter riots, which plagued the country with arsons, murders, looting, vandalism, and assaults for years to come.

That mayhem was rhetorically supported by none other than the prior President of the United States, Barack Obama.

And since then, in addition to your everyday criminals occasionally offing a cop to avoid the consequences of their own behavior, we’ve had such noteworthy examples as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Micah Johnson, Alexander Bonds, and Gavin Long, ambushing police officers and gunning them down in cold blood for ideological reasons.

Just this week, six cops were wounded, and miraculously survived, when 36 year old Maurice Hill opened fire on them from a multi-family home in his north Philadelphia neighborhood. Police were executing a drug warrant on Hill, who had an “extensive” criminal history, including charges for perjury, drugs, guns, robbery, and aggravated assault. From 4:30 p.m. until 8 p.m., gunfire did not cease for more than 40 minutes at a time. Over 100 rounds were fired, before Hill surrendered just after midnight.

In between rounds of gunfire, Hill had the chance to speak to his attorney by phone, reports Fox News.

Hill’s former attorney Shaka Johnson, who represented the 36-year-old in a number of previous cases over the past five years that were mostly of a drug-related nature, told FOX29 he answered the phone at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday and heard Hill on the other end. Johnson said early Thursday that Hill’s first words on the phone were, “I need help.”

“They’re going to kill me. They’re going to kill me,” Johnson recalled Hill saying over the phone.

Johnson, who is a former SWAT officer, said his former client was concerned about his own safety, but also about the wellbeing of his family — including a newborn daughter. Johnson said the police commissioner gave him 30 minutes to convince his former client to surrender peacefully.

“Mr. Hill and I talked about this. They don’t typically, in scenarios like this, take black defendants into custody. This is what he and I talked about on the phone,” Johnson told FOX29. “I said, ‘My man, this is looking pretty grave for you. The world is watching. That may be one of the things giving police some pause because the world is watching. Use this time wisely.’”

Talk about irresponsible language. This guy is in the middle of a shootout with the cops, and his attorney is amplifying this lie about cops murdering black suspects for their skin color.

And with that kind of narrative prevailing above the facts, it should perhaps come as no surprise that, during the standoff, neighborhood residents taunted police officers, shouting “bitch ass nigga” and “pussy”. Video shows some residents attempting to fight police officers, and hurling objects at them.

This of course comes on the heels of NYPD officers being assaulted with water and buckets by laughing gang members.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn warned of precisely this in The Gulag Archipelago.

The defeat of Tsarism came not when Kolchak was routed, not when the February Revolution was raging, but much earlier! It was overthrown without hope of restoration once Russian literature adopted the convention that anyone who depicted a gendarme or policeman with any hint of sympathy was a lickspittle and a reactionary thug; when you didn’t have to shake a policeman’s hand, cultivate his acquaintance, nod to him in the street, but merely brush sleeves with him in passing to consider yourself disgraced.

So I suppose from this perspective, there is something to be said for the concept of hate speech. It really does have the potential to do actual harm, and we are seeing this on a daily basis.

Telling, however, that the Jews are unconcerned about the type of speech which results in gang violence, dead cops, or communist revolution. They are only concerned about the sort of speech which results in Republican electoral victories, immigration enforcement, and White people finding out how bad they’ve been screwed.

And of course, I should know this better than anyone. I didn’t earn my reputation by talking about blacks and Jews. I earned it talking about cops, and the shit I said about them makes the shit I say about non-Whites look downright tame by comparison. I wrote dozens of articles and made dozens of videos advocating war against the government, starting with the police, and though some of these saw hundreds of thousands of views, and thousands of people had condemned what I said, no meaningful effort was ever made to stop me.

Writing “Violently Overthrow The Government” did not get me banned from Facebook, PayPal, GoDaddy, or anything else. When Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed two cops in New York City, and the NYPD reportedly stopped so called “broken windows” policing, I wrote “Dead Cops Mean Less Oppression” before those guys were even in the ground. Not so much as a 30 day posting ban. Even after Micah Johnson gunned down five cops in Dallas, nobody cared.

And for years I convinced myself that this was all advancing freedom. I figured that, even in cases where the killer was a piece of crap, people losing faith in their government was a good thing. I figured this phenomenon, however unpleasant would usher in a new era of human freedom, and see mankind finally witness his full potential, unbound from the chains of the State. When I first ventured into race realism, I figured that was a far safer subject than war against police.

I was more wrong about those things, than perhaps any of the innumerable things I’ve been wrong about in a lifetime fraught with mistakes. You can talk shit about police all day, and nobody is going to lift a finger to stop you. In fact, if anyone does, a bunch of Jews will probably come to your rescue. But mention those Jews in a negative light, and watch the full force of the State, the media, the financial system, and corporate world come down on you, in many cases more harshly than if you had actually killed a cop.

And that’s not because those Jews are Rothbard reading anarcho-capitalists trying to eliminate coercion from the Earth, far from it.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

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Outlaw Conservative S01E030 – Hey Fredo

Chris Cuomo is a good example of how not to do steroids. The key to proper testosterone supplementation is having a qualified medical professional prescribe the medications, to take them as directed, and to discontinue use if side effects, like extreme shifts in mood, or increased aggression, manifest themselves. Clearly, Mr. Cuomo seems to have obtained his medications from the dark web using Monero, and has eschewed post cycle therapy in favor of the Blast & Cruise lifestyle.

The far left CNN show host was caught on video threatening to throw a Trump supporter down the stairs after the man called him “Fredo” – a moniker foisted upon him by conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Frederico “Fredo” Corleone is a fictional character in Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather. Fredo is portrayed by actor John Cazale in the Francis Ford Coppola film adaptation and in the sequel, The Godfather Part II. He is typically seen as the weakest and dumbest of Vito Corleone’s sons.

The Governor’s brother later claimed that calling an Italian “Fredo” was an ethnic slur akin to calling a black man “the n-word”.

Here at the Outlaw Conservative, we would not for a moment pretend that White people are any less entitled to racial grievances than other ethnic group. If somebody was being racist toward Chris Cuomo for his Italian heritage, then of course Chris would be perfectly justified in reacting to such an insult the same way any black or Jewish person would be justified.

Which is to say, non-violently.

If some Irishman decided to call him “dego” or “wop” then Chris would have been perfectly within his rights to call that drunken mick a Taig or a Prod. He could even start a racist podcast where he derided the targets of his enmity on the basis of their ethnicity. He could hold a controversial demonstration in a DC exurb, and defend himself with pepper spray, if some Russki tried to stop him.

But to threaten lethal violence over being called Fredo, that reinforces a far more dangerous ethnic stereotype. No Italian ever went to prison for being called Fredo. It wasn’t Vincent’s second son that made it impossible for anyone whose name ended in a vowel to get a garbage route in New York City. The harmful stereotype of Italians is not that we are weak or stupid, but that we are violent, dishonest members of a transnational crime organization.

That is a stereotype Mr. Cuomo reinforces every day through his profession. Day in, and day out, CNN lies to the public, subverts our society, and provides cover to violent criminals.

Fortunately for Italian Americans, they cannot be blamed for that particular transnational gang. Mr. Cuomo’s transgressions, the reason so many Americans despise him, have nothing to do with his perceived fondness for tomato sauce. Rather it is the smug confidence he exudes on camera every weeknight, working for a decidedly different ethnic group, against his own people, and his own country.

If Chris Cuomo were going to threaten violence in defense of his European heritage, that would, by definition, make him a White Supremacist. Of course, Chris would want no part of that mess.

Perhaps Mr. Cuomo should read Max Boot’s column in the Washington Post. “Get a grip, white people. We’re not the victims” said the Jewish columnist.

White people can be pretty clueless. (I know, I’m one myself.) Get a grip, folks. We’re not the victims here. Thinking that we are is not just wrong. It’s dangerous. It’s a mind-set that can justify everything from a public temper tantrum to a shooting spree.

Interesting take. Mr. Boot seems to think airing a racial grievance is justification for mass murder. If carried to its logical conclusion, we should all be very concerned about what we hear today from the Democrat Party. If White people are the oppressors we are made out to be by the likes of CNN, and victimhood fetishes are a “mind-set that can justify everything from a public temper tantrum to a shooting spree” then we might expect to see, blacks rioting and burning their own neighborhoods to the ground, some might even open fire on police officers. By this reasoning, we should be less than shocked to see people trying to firebomb ICE detention centers, or opening fire on ICE offices.

John Hirschauer, writing at the National Review, warns of another danger in Boot’s analysis.

His ultimate prescription to the “white people” he instructs to “get a grip” is something like “Stop whining.” And that’s fine; we could certainly stand less whining in the United States. In effect, however, Boot sets up a Faustian choice for “white” readers: Side with the white supremacists and their detestable program, or sell your political soul to Max Boot and become one of the self-loathing whites so paralyzed by intersectional deference that they can hardly advance an argument without first reciting that neutered prelude: “As a straight, white, cisgender man with privilege, I . . .”

If Boot believes what he is saying — and I’m not sure he does — and assumes that “many” Trump supporters believe “that white supremacy is the natural order of things,” then he’d do well to provide them with a better set of options than white nationalism on the one hand and political impotence on the other. Surely there is a third way between a full-throated embrace of white identity and a supine adoption of the politics of self-hatred.

Do well, indeed.

Here at the Outlaw Conservative, we’ve set ourselves to the task of defeating racism, on the orders of the President of the United States. It is exceedingly unfortunate that men like Chris Cuomo and Max Boot continue to fan the flames of  violent White Supremacy, at such a dangerous time in our country’s history.



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Radical Agenda S05E060 – Interlude

Happy August 12th, fine members of the gender binary. Today, as you are no doubt aware, marks the 2nd anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I’ve got a lot going on today, so I prerecorded a short podcast today, in place of the live show. And it go a little somethin’ like this.

The communists, no doubt, will loudly proclaim their victory today. The police of that city, what few remain, will stand back and let the criminals lash out at anyone foolish enough to cross their path. Liars will speak, and people with little interest in the truth, will cheer at their deceptions. Local officials will laud praise upon violent criminals. Jewish attorneys will rub their paws together, cackling joyfully at the trouble they’ve caused. The media will join in the fun. They are co-conspirators in this, after all.  And of course, all involved will eagerly ask of themselves, how they can top this victory for evil over truth and righteousness.

The legitimate grievances we’ve long attempted to air peacefully, have been dismissed as conspiracy theories, or White Supremacist propaganda. No refutation of our claims has been issued. Those who speak the truth, are slandered, harassed, silenced, bankrupted, assaulted, framed, sued, and even killed. Electoral victories do nothing to change the course of our country, or worse, accelerate its decline. People who advocate for peaceful political solutions, are treated the same if not worse than advocates of lawless mayhem. Our attempts to coordinate with law enforcement have been fruitless at best.

When the criminals celebrate, and the honest, righteous, law abiding citizen is made to suffer, we have no right to feign surprise at the blood soaked outcome. More violence is soon to come, and with it, more suffering, and more setbacks to our cause.

So, in this all too brief interlude between funerals, let us pause to take inventory.

Before any of us resorts to violence, we must ask ourselves if we have exhausted all other options.

Here is my inventory in that all important category;

  • I spent years as a libertarian activist
  • I ran for Congress
  • I donated to, and volunteered for, better candidates than I, for public office.
  • I voted, many times.
  • I have traveled across the country, evangelizing the virtues of the non-aggression principle, and later, Nationalism.
  • I put differences aside, and attempted to work with those I disagreed with, toward more important political goals.
  • I have read countless books, listened to countless hours of audio, and watched countless videos, educating myself to the nature of our problems and the possible solutions.
  • I launched my own website, and wrote hundreds of thousands of words about non-violent alternatives to coercive government programs.
  • I launched a live, uncensored, open phones talk radio show, and invited all, especially those who disagree with me, to discuss their views rationally.
  • I co-hosted a nationally syndicated broadcast radio show.
  • I took a shot at being a standup comedian, and though unsuccessful, tried to work a socially conscious message into my humor.
  • I have attended countless peaceful demonstrations.
  • At the one demonstration I attended which was not peaceful, I used the least force possible to neutralize threats, and never attacked the innocent.
  • I have fought injustice in the courts, repeatedly.
  • I have testified before legislative committees.
  • I have changed my views, when contradicted by evidence.
  • When my views were unpopular, I stood by them, until proven wrong.
  • With a few exceptions for notoriously dishonest people, I’ve never turned down a request for an interview.
  • Even while in jail for a crime I did not commit, I produced the radio show so many sought to silence.
  • When banned from other platforms, I sought out new ones, and did my best to comply with their rules.
  • When their rules proved arbitrary and I was banned anyway, I wished them the best, and continued working on my own.
  • I have had non-White friends.
  • I have loved non-White women.
  • I have known, loved, and cared for Jews.
  • I have placed my notion of moral righteousness, and the good of my country, above my own interests. For example, in my advocacy against socialized medicine.
  • I have reported crimes committed against me to the authorities, in the hopes others might be spared the same trouble at the same hands.
  • When authorities failed me, rather than taking the law into my own hands, I went to other authorities.
  • I have condemned unjust acts of violence, and supported the righteous actions of those who used force to defend against evil.
  • I have kept those secrets which needed keeping, while exposing those who deserved to be exposed.
  • When I saw the financial system as a tool of corruption, I enthusiastically joined with many other people in using and promoting cryptocurrency.
  • When I was offered an easier life to pedal in deceptions, I refused such offers.
  • Realizing that violence might be inevitable regardless of my peaceful efforts, I underwent extensive physical fitness training, so that I might help righteousness prevail in martial conflict.
  • I bought more firearms than I could carry, so that I might help others who had not so prepared, likewise join the struggle against injustice.
  • I tried, with limited success, to form new businesses, and be industrious, so as to employ others who were financially harmed by their struggle for truth and righteousness.
  • I reduced my quality of life standards, to meet changing circumstances.
  • Whenever any attempt to silence me ensued, I spoke ever more loudly, so as to discourage those powers from trying the same on others.
  • I deeply contemplated the views of my adversaries, and tried my best to see their non-existent virtues.
  • I wore a body camera to guard against precisely such calumnies as plague me today.
  • When invited to violence, I declined.
  • When compelled to violence, I exercised restraint.
  • I have spent countless hours learning about communications technology, and disseminating that wisdom to all who would listen, even my foes, so that no wisdom, the truth least of all, might be extinguished.

I say all of this not to virtue signal, but rather in the hopes of developing a baseline.

There are those amongst us who think the best we can hope for is to lay down our lives in acts of violence. They make a compelling case. Despite all of these prudent efforts of mine, I have been slandered, sidelined, jailed, assaulted, and sued. We cannot, in good faith, speak ill of those who find, in the evidence of my example, cause for bloodshed. If a decade of lawful activism results in imprisonment, bloodshed, and bankruptcy, then what right have I to say that those who choose another course are misguided?


But then again, I would implore people to ask those folks if they have tried nearly so hard as I, to find peaceful solutions to our problems.

I suspect such an inquiry will yield an unsatisfying result.

Those who would like to be counted amongst us, and yet, try to reduce our numbers by sending our men on suicide missions, and antagonizing our natural allies, do far more violence to our shared efforts, than to the efforts of our more forthcoming rivals. There is good reason why you do not know their names, or what they look like. These cowards would not sacrifice so much as a minimum wage job for our cause, much less their own lives, yet their self professed bravery knows no bounds in sending you to an early demise. They tell you that your life can only find purpose in its early termination. They tell you to give of yourself, that which they refuse to give of themselves. They tell you that a young man in his early 20s, accomplishes more in one minute of gunfire, than in a lifetime of struggle.

These are words of deceit, from people who wish you harm. Their days are spent attacking your fellow White Nationalists. Our enemies delight in their subversion. Neither YouTube nor Twitter see any reason to deplatform them, because they are the most dutiful servants of the Jewish Narrative.

This moment in which we find ourselves, requires staggeringly little of us. The only people who listen to more Nazi podcasts than you, are the Jews whom we hate. From this tiny, obscure corner of the Internet to which we have been relegated, we have nonetheless become the absolute center of their universe. We are the sun, moon, and stars, to the shit we aim to scrape from our shoes. That hysterical screeching you hear about White Nationalism from the Jews and their gentile dupes, is entirely the result of their fixation on us.

Yet, thanks to their understandable fear of our message, the average voter knows nothing of our aims, or even of our existence. So far as the electorate is concerned, Charlottesville is a two year old news story, being milked by dishonest politicians. The Nazis are gone from their perceptions, yet the communists are all too happy to be seen.

All you and I need to do right now, is be the adults in the room. As our enemies loudly announce their plans to do away with the internal combustion engine, to tear down our history, and act identically upon our future, let us have some faith in our fellow Americans, that they possess the wisdom to reject such a course.

If that faith proves misguided, we can always lay down our lives later.

So, in that vein of being the adults in the room, I’d like to present a moderate policy proposal.

It’s looking more and more like some sort of new firearms restrictions will be attempted in the Congress, and Donald Trump has signaled his willingness to sign such a bill. I hate this, because guns are my #1 issue, but, politics must always come first, if we are to get anything accomplished at all.

Background checks poll well, and it would not be a bad political move to see Republicans embrace such a policy. Nobody who cares about their guns will be voting Democrat, and staying home on the next election day, simply isn’t an option for Republicans. So if we’re going to give an inch on guns for political expediency, how might we go about making that work for us?


    • Nobody gets to talk about safety and open borders in the same breath and be taken seriously.
    • The wall is a prerequisite of all negotiation.
    • You do not get to restrict the rights of our citizens to defend themselves, while you fail to defend them at the border.

In exchange, we institute the New Hampshire standard for background checks.

Today in New Hampshire, to buy a gun from a dealer, federal law requires him to have a federal license and do a background check. Every single time you buy.

In New Hampshire, you can buy from a private party without that background check, but only if you have a carry permit (we call it a PRL, or Pistol/Revolver License), which itself requires a background check. The license to carry is essentially a license to buy, as it proves you are not a prohibited person.

Permits are shall issue, as should our nationwide carry permit be, which will be a condition of the deal.

Unlike New Hampshire, Federal Permits should be issued permanently, and should also constitute a universal license to buy. Be it from a private party or an FFL, showing that license is proof that the bearer is not a prohibited person. When purchasing from an FFL, the FFL should have the capacity to scan the license, and get an instant Yes or No, once the validity of the license is confirmed.

The privileges of the license can be revoked or altered electronically by the federal, state, or local government, or verbally by any law enforcement officer acting in his official capacity, under the following conditions

  • The licensee renounces their citizenship.
  • The licensee declares war against the United States, or any possession or subdivision thereof, or any formally recognized ally of the United States, as may be prescribed by treaty.
  • The licensee flies the flag of, or otherwise pledges their allegiance to, a wartime enemy.
  • The licensee’s state, county, or local governments are in rebellion against the United States.
  • A warrant has been issued for the licensee’s arrest for a crime, or the licensee is otherwise subject to arrest.
  • The licensee is otherwise subject to involuntary detention, such as a psychiatric evaluation.
  • The licensee is declared mentally unfit to stand trial for a crime.
  • The licensee tests positive for any illegal intoxicant.
  • The licensee makes any unlawful threat as currently and commonly understood in Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969),
  • The licensee disobeys a law enforcement officer acting in his official capacity while carrying a firearm.
  • The licensee denies carrying a concealed firearm, falsely, to a law enforcement officer acting in his official capacity.
  • The licensee agrees to suspension as a condition of bail, or any freely entered agreement with a court.

Upon any such revocation or alteration;

  • The licensee shall be made aware without undue delay, and may not be charged with a crime for violating the revocation order, until they have been made aware of its issuance.
  • The licensee shall have the right to a hearing contesting the order with no less expediency than is afforded to a criminal defendant.
  • The licensee shall have the right to a public defender, regardless of income level, at no cost, or to furnish representation of their choosing at their own expense, or to defend themselves pro se.
  • Local decisions shall be subject to federal review, with the explicit purpose of protecting the rights of the licensee.

Privileges may be revoked in part or in full, for example;

  • A licensee may be prohibited from purchasing new weapons while retaining the right to carry, or vice versa.
  • A licensee may be prohibited from carrying in a given area, or around certain people, according to a court order.
  • Upon suspension of privileges, the licensee may be permitted to keep the original document, ordered to destroy it, or ordered to surrender it.

In no way does issuance of a federal license imply a need to possess one in areas where state law otherwise allows. States are more than welcome to issue their own permits to anyone not federally prohibited under existing law, and they are welcome to issue their own with stricter standards. Though this would not do them much good, since we federally preempt recognition on public spaces such as highways and sidewalks.

Perhaps some states would offer an additional permit which allows them greater leeway in privately owned public accommodations like hotels, and restaurants that serve alcohol.

If you are not prohibited from owning, you get a license, and you are not prohibited from carrying.

Anywhere. Except for your normal prohibitions such as courts, and jails.

Allow state law to deal with discrimination against carriers on private property, but the federal law allows businesses generally open to the public to post a clearly visible sign prohibiting concealed carry, unless state law prohibits discrimination against carriers. Those signs will show up, and they will piss off conservatives, who will then be anxious to take their gun loving dollars to gun friendly competitors who all happen not to be communists. This is not mere libertarian propaganda, it’s a sales pitch, and a silver lining on a strategic sacrifice.

On Mental Health and “Red Flag Laws”

Much fuss has been made about so called “Red Flag Laws” and getting guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. The hysteria makes it difficult to discuss these things rationally.

Most states have some sort of process for temporary involuntary committment of persons deemed a threat to themselves or others, for a psychiatric evaluation.

In Florida, for example, there is “The Baker Act” which is an existing law that provides for temporary institutionalization of individuals who meet certain criteria. It can only be used by specific authorized persons, including judges, mental health professionals, law enforcement personnel, and doctors. More importantly, the law is limited by the fact that those officials must have sound evidence suggesting that the individual might meet the Act’s definition for mental illness. In addition, he must pose a risk of harm to himself or others – or demonstrate self-neglect.

In New York, the Mental Health Hygiene Law section 9.27(a) states that the director of a hospital may receive and retain therein as a patient any personal alleged to be mentally ill and in need of involuntary care and treatment upon the certificates of two examining physicians, accompanied by an application for the admission of such person. Section 9.27(b) describes 11 categories of persons who may request or submit an application for involuntary commitment of an individual. The list includes any person that lives with the allegedly mentally ill person, close family members, the court, the supervisor of a correctional facility, a treating psychiatrist and other professionals familiar with the individual’s lifestyle and behavior patterns. In order to be considered, the request must include written statements regarding the facts surrounding reasons for the request.

Needless to say, the people who are involuntarily detained during these processes, are not allowed to be armed during their evaluations. This, in combination with charging people for making unlawful threats, is the only “red flag law” we need. Moreover, since most states already have these laws on the books, a massive new federal program is unnecessary, and providing some uniformity to those existing protocols, could likely be done by HHS through regulation, as opposed to an act of Congress.

The Rub

This is a strong, entirely non-discriminatory policy, that Republicans can get behind in the name of keeping America safe, while giving the Democrats something they just got done saying would save thousands of lives.

It won’t pass. The Democrats will reject it outright, and tack on every insane scheme AOC and Ilhan Omar can stuff into it.

Republicans can say to the voters “We tried to get universal background checks, and red flag laws, but the Democrats would rather flood our country with foreigners than save thousands of American lives.”

White Democrats will see the Republicans as the adults in the room, and the GOP will regain control of the House, perhaps even clear 60 votes in the Senate.


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Radical Agenda S05E059 – Of Threats & Hoaxes

Tucker Carlson has gone fishing for a few days with his son, leaving Brian Kilmeade and friends to fill his seat on the 2nd most popular show in cable news. We here at the Radical Agenda, of course wish Tucker and his family the best during their long overdue vacation. We hope for a selfie with a large fish, signaling victory over the scum we mutually oppose.

Radical Agenda S05E059 - Of Threats & Hoaxes

Radical Agenda S05E059 – Of Threats & Hoaxes

Ever the dot connectors, CNN speculated this had something to do with Tucker calling “White Supremacy” a hoax. The Jewish press has been in absolute hysterics since Tucker pointed out the obvious, leading many to question whether the timing of Tucker’s vacation was a mere coincidence.

Fox insists the vacation had been in the works prior to these remarks, and that Tucker will be returning on August 19th.

Unsurprisingly, the Leftist media shouts loudly that White Supremacy is not a “hoax”. They point to the Anti-Defamation League for proof, hoping you’re stupid enough not to get the joke. Every “extremist murder” they say, was some kind of right wing extremist in 2018.

I have yet to see anybody check the validity of that data. Which is a shame if you think about it. This is obviously horseshit, and the ADL is long overdue for some well earned embarrassment.

If White Nationalist violence were as big a threat as they make it out to be, Charlottesville would not be the subject of Democrat Presidential talking points. Were we actually laying waste to the Nation as alleged, they wouldn’t keep going back to one landwhale dying in a car accident two years ago as proof. The idea that White Supremacist murders have been happening on a regular basis, without the Jewish press taking notice, is too ridiculous to take seriously. Even their Antifa friend in Dayton, Ohio was simply lumped in with the Nazi terror threat in Leftist media coverage.

Another source of their angst comes from FBI director Christopher Wray, who now famously said “I will say that a majority of the domestic-terrorism cases that we’ve investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white-supremacist violence, but it does include other things as well,”. Of course, investigations are not necessarily crimes. Lots of investigations are started as a result of false accusations, and nothing is more falsely accused than White Supremacy. Additionally, things “motivated by” so called “white supremacist violence” are not necessarily investigations into white supremacists. All Antifa violence, for example, which is nothing if not domestic terrorism, purports to be motivated by exactly this. Expect not the Jewish Press to point out the obvious in this regard.

Since every Jew in the country is screaming “WHITE SUPREMACY” as loudly as their Zyklon starved lungs will permit, it gets “outsized coverage”, says Kellyanne Conway, wisely.

Indeed, most Americans do not see “White Nationalism” as a threat, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll released Wednesday, which was taken in the days after a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, last weekend. Even as every television in the country berated White folks about how evil one must be to think they deserve a country, most rightly dismiss it as Jewish propaganda.

Only forty-seven percent of voters said they perceive white nationalism as a threat. The uptick was obviously larger among Democrats than it was amongst Republicans. The poll found an 11-point increase among Democrats, from 58 percent to 69 percent, and a 12-point jump among independents, from 33 percent to 45 percent. The perceived white nationalist threat among Republicans increased from 17 percent to 22 percent. And so, if 53% of the country does not view it as such, indeed with the vast majority of Republicans, and a somewhat slimmer majority if independents seeing this as a non-issue, it is interesting to see so many with blind faith in “democracy” so uninterested in the majority view.

Perhaps this is why our hooknosed information overlords are no longer trusted by almost anyone. Seventy-two percent of Americans believe “traditional major news sources report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading,” according to a poll from Axios and SurveyMonkey released just over a year ago. The poll of nearly 4,000 adults showed that 92 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are onto the scam. The sentiment extends to those who identify as independents and Democrats, with 79 percent of independents also agreeing. Democrats agree by a slight majority of 53 percent.

Of course, here at the Radical Agenda, we are no more swayed by popular opinion than are the Jews. So let us ask, is White Supremacy a hoax or a threat?

Well, let us begin by dispensing with that term. “White Supremacy” is just how Democrats try to make stuff sound scary. White Nationalism is the proper term. Few if any White Nationalists have any interest in ruling over other races, as supremacy implies. We wish to be separate. We wish the Jews and their colored hordes all the best in whatever wasteland they make of the territory left to them. We simply wish to govern ourselves in their absence.

That being the case, it is hard to imagine where our foes would come up with the idea of our being a direct threat to anyone. They hate us, and they seem to think our views have no legitimacy. The best way for us all to live peacefully, is to dissolve the political bands which have connected us with one another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle us.

But they will not permit this. So we must be speaking about a less direct problem.

There are more bloods, crips, and MS-13 than there are White Nationalists in America. Blacks are responsible for more than half the murders in this country. The FBI stopped distinguishing between Whites and Hispanics in their crime statistics, so whatever information we have on White homicides is clouded by the stain of MS-13 and other Hispanic crime problems. When they hack people to death with machetes and cut out the hearts of their victims, the ADL doesn’t consider this an extremist murder.

Obviously the threat referenced by the media is not being measured by body count. Were that the case, White Nationalists would be viewed as the solution, not the problem.

So if we are not nearly such a crime problem as the Jews make us out to be, if they think open borders and emptying the prisons are less of a threat than us, then who or what are we a threat to?

Well, the status quo, of course. The Jewish dominated power structure of the world cannot stand up to the scrutiny we bring.

Jews are not afraid of White Nationalists because of what we do, but rather, of what we know. That is why Charles Pierce at Esquire insists there are no “moderate” White Nationalists. It doesn’t matter to them if we are simply calling for modest policy changes, they must put us in the same boat as church shooters and failed Native American bomb makers.

They have a point, if you consider it from the Jewish perspective. If White Nationalists gained traction in the United States, were we to actually elect a President who sided with us, then where on Earth would the Jews find safe harbor? If America stopped fighting Israeli wars, and Israel was left completely on their own, could they defend themselves from the neighbors they’ve spent generations antagonizing? Without billions of dollars a year in direct cash aid, immeasurable diplomatic support, and generous loan guarantees, from the United States, would Israel even exist?

And if it came to pass, that social media companies were prohibited from censoring us, if we were afforded the same police protection as any other group when we held our permitted demonstrations, if we had equal access to the financial system, if it were illegal to slander us on the papers, how long would it take for us to gain that traction?

Not long at all, say the same filth who insist we have no legitimacy. They know as well as we do that we are on the right side of the truth. We must be stamped out through all force and deception they can bring to bear, because our ideas are so naturally popular that even small time podcasters like your humble correspondent are viewed as a lethal threat to their hegemony.

But even from that perspective, we are no less a hoax. One which got way out of hand. It was apt indeed for Tucker to compare us to “RUSSIA!”

The Democrat narrative parroted by the media has been that Russia hacked our democracy to elect Donald Trump. Even if every reported fact were true, the narrative would still be complete and utter nonsense. Given what we know about Democrat narratives, we can bet that the story would become even more absurd if we knew the actual facts.

What these supposed Russian trolls are reported to have done, is spend less than a quarter of a million dollars on social media advertisements and create a bunch of inauthentic Twitter accounts. That amounts to less than a day’s work of Israeli Hasbara, during the course of an entire election season.

By the admission of the perpetrators of this fraud, we know that those accounts and advertisements were aimed more at stoking racial tensions than at supporting a particular candidate. If you owned a television or ever read a newspaper before November of 2016, you already know that this is a decidedly Left wing tactic, not at all favored by Republican candidates for office.

They operated Black Lives Matter pages and profiles, at least one of which was repeatedly retweeted by Jack Dorsey himself. They purchased Black Lives Matter advertisements targeting Ferguson, and Baltimore. They used “mainstream” news sources such as the Washington Post, New York Times, and Huffington Post, to push divisive racial narratives. Of the 3,517 Facebook ads they allegedly purchased, 55% were focused on race.

Recalling the old adage that “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened here. These weren’t “Russians” – they were Jews, and they weren’t trying to help Donald Trump, they were trying to smear him for a Nazi on the hope it would facilitate Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the Iron Throne, confident that she would dutifully carry out their foreign policy.

In fact, it is questionable whether this even came from the Russian government, as we’ve so often heard. Last month, Dabney Friedrich, a Trump-appointed federal judge, rebuked Robert Mueller and the DOJ for falsely suggesting the IRA (Internet Research Agency) and Concord Management and Company, the so-called Russian troll farms, were linked to the Russian government.

“The Special Counsel Report describes efforts by the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 presidential election,” Judge Friedrich’s July memo said. “But the indictment, which alleges that private Russian entities and individual conducted an “information warfare” campaign designed to sow discord among US voters, Indictment 10, does not link the defendants to the Russian government.”

In a major blow to Mueller, judge Friedrich said, “Save for a single allegation that Concord and Concord Catering had several “government contracts” (with no further elaboration), the indictment alleges only private conduct by private actors.

Judge Friedrich continued, “In short, the Court concludes that the government violated Rule 57.7 by making or authorizing the release of public statements that linked the defendants’ alleged activities to the Russian government and provided an opinion about the defendants’ guilt and the evidence against them. The Court will therefore proceed to consider the appropriate response to that violation, beginning with the possibility of contempt.”

Be it Russians, or Jews, or some other force, racial tensions were stirred with the intent of harming Trump. Not helping him. It’s ridiculously obvious, as the people constantly stoking the racial fires are Leftists. It backfired, tragically.

It turns out there is a limit to how much skin shaming you can heap on White folks before they turn around and say “Okay. Fuck it! Nazi Time!”

But it didn’t start, or end, with Trump.

I think I was like most White Americans in lacking any sense of racial identity or awareness for most of my life. My best friend growing up was Jewish. Most of the women I dated in my teens and 20s were not White. Exposure to ethnic diversity will make it obvious there are differences, hard coded genetic ones, between racial groups, but I appreciated novelty and thought those differences made life interesting.

So I had gotten sick of Leftists complaining about racism all the time many years ago. It becomes obvious to any honest observer that they are usually making shit up, and trying to find supposed racism where it does not in fact exist. Trayvon Martin being the quintessential example, in which the media cast a Hispanic with a Jewish sounding surname as a White Supremacist, just because some nigger criminal caught a well earned bullet. George Zimmerman is literally a crime victim and a hero, but the Democrat Party and their Jewish media apparatus tried to make it look like he was a bloodthirsty killer who only got off because our Nazi government likes that kinda shit.

If you thought that was ridiculous, you were a racist.

Michael Brown was another good example. One more dead thug loser isn’t something any honest person thought made the world a less prosperous place. This is literally the reason we have police. Even the Washington Post gave the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” lie four Pinnochios, but communist agitators chant the slogan to this day.

In response, Leftist criminals tore the city of Ferguson apart, set fires, looted stores, and attacked people in the street. The government didn’t even try to stop them.

If you thought that was a problem, you were a racist.

When Dylann Roof walked into a church and shot a bunch of non-combatants in a race war yet undeclared, you would have had a hard time finding anyone sympathetic to his mission. The only people who seemed to be happy about that slaughter was the Left. Finally, they had an actual act of racist violence to excuse their bad behavior, and when Roof made his motivations clear, Leftists celebrated the opportunity, while the rest of the country mourned a tragedy.

The rush to tear down confederate flags, the violence used against anyone who dared oppose them, and the sheer hysteria of the whole thing put a lot of people on edge. It became obvious to honest observers that the so called “anti-Racists” were the bad guys, once again, and if you noticed that, your were of course, a racist.

When another nigger criminal, Freddie Gray, earned himself a trip to the morgue, Baltimore was engulfed in flames and violence. Once again, the government didn’t even try to stop them. Once again, anybody who took issue with that, was of course, a racist.

Eventually the Black Lives Matter riots didn’t even need a dead criminal to excuse their violence. Why wait for an excuse, when the media and politicians will make excuses for you ex post facto? They would openly schedule these things in advance, and turn whatever city unfortunate enough to host them into a war zone for a night or three. Needless to say, anybody who thought the regularly scheduled race riots were less than appealing, was called a racist.

Watch that go on long enough, and you get to realizing that everyone trying to solve a problem is a racist, and suddenly racism starts to look appealing.

When Donald Trump announced his run for President, I think I was like most people in dismissing him for a joke. The media didn’t seem to think so. They called him a racist, over, and over, and over again, which as we’ve established, is a sure sign one is trying to do something positive. It became impossible to dismiss.

Immigration, legal or otherwise, didn’t seem like a big deal in my >94% White home state of New Hampshire. Initially I thought Donald Trump was out of touch for focusing on it, but if the people who called the arsons and assaults of Black Lives Matter “mostly peaceful protests”, thought immigration enforcement was a Nazi war crime, then immigration had to be a more serious issue than I realized.

This is all illustrated only to point out the absurdity of the media narrative about Trump. That he created the Alt Right, or even more ridiculously, that it was merely some kind of Russian intelligence operation. The Alt Right was the quintessential grassroots movement. If we were at all the product of some foreign interference, it was only that said foreign interference amplified the extreme Left, and made their rule unappealing. Most of the people I met within it were former libertarians, and still others were pretty mainstream liberals. We were stirred to racial consciousness, out of necessity, and in reaction, to a dangerously out of touch Left wing power structure. One that would literally rather see our cities burn, than face the facts of human nature.

The Left, as it always does when given the opportunity, took our emergence as a thing to celebrate, initially. By bringing all the attention they could to us, they thought they would be granted an untouchable political mandate. But when Donald Trump got elected, both houses of congress were in Republican hands, and the balance of the Supreme Court moved rightward, the plan had backfired spectacularly. They had awakened the sleeping giant of White racial consciousness, and the rush was on to get the genie back in the bottle.

The problem with calling attention to racism is that racists are 100% correct in their assertions about the subject. Calling people racist is only a successful tactic when being a racist is out of style, and people are thus disinclined to understand what racists are actually saying. Claiming that the President and the 2nd most popular show in cable news are racists, means that racism is in fact popular, and the accusation rapidly loses its sting.

With the stigma of racism fading fast, the very existence of the Jew is threatened. What if Americans read Mein Kampf, and found that so much of what Hitler said then rang true today? What if Americans read The Bell Curve, and fully comprehended the causes of racial inequality? What if Americans recognized the Jew as an alien people, and laughed as hard as the Nazis do when Jews claimed to be White?

By that measure, whatever hoax sparked the fire, the fire is nonetheless a threat to the powers that be. They will thusly slander us, and call us terrorists, even as they excuse and conceal true terrorist threats like Antifa. They will pretend to be us, and sow discord within the movement. They will wield every political, legal, financial, technological, social, and literal weapon they can against us. They will break every law, tell every lie, and sacrifice every ounce of credibility they have remaining, in the hopes of seeing our spark extinguished…

To no avail.



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Outlaw Conservative S01E029 – Defeating Racism

In the wake of a racially motivated mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, President Donald Trump took to the airwaves to condemn racism and White Supremacy, calling for these ideologies to be defeated.

It wasn’t the first time, either. At Trump’s inauguration speech, he said “We will rediscover our loyalty to each other. When you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice. The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.” In the wake of the communist riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, the President said racism was evil, and condemned Neo Nazis, the KKK, White Supremacists, and other hate groups. After Robert Bowers shot up a Pittsburgh synagogue, the President said “the vile hate filled poison of anti-Semitism must be condemned and confronted everywhere and anywhere it appears. There must be no tolerance for anti-Semitism in America, or for any form of religious or racial hatred or prejudice“.

Indeed, Donald Trump has often repeated such condemnations. He has always denied and expressed offense at the accusations that he is a racist. His close family ties with Jews seem to make the accusations absurd on their face, but this has never stopped the Left from lobbing them. Perhaps this is because, despite their absurdity, they have been rewarded so frequently with these displays of weakness from the President.

Now, speaking as one who was accused of being a racist and an anti-Semite so many times that I embraced the labels, you can imagine I was less than enthusiastic to hear the President I supported so enthusiastically, condemning what I viewed as simple observations of reality. The President is no dummy, and so one must assume that when he condemns racism, White Supremacy, and anti-Semitism, he means something very different from the idiotic screeching we hear from the Left.

Racism has no doubt been with us for a very long time. Indeed, there is no time in the history of man in which it has not been with us. So if we hope to truly defeat it, we have our work cut out for us. Here, I will try to illustrate a course to excising this “vile hate filled poison” from our National body.

As I see it, there are four steps we must take, which I’ll elaborate upon as we go forward.

  1. To claim that racism is evil, we must first acknowledge that evil exists. Racism cannot be wrong, if there is no such thing as morality.
  2. To defeat the evil of racism, we must carefully and precisely define it.
  3. In defining racism, it must be severed from all that is true and righteous.
  4. Identify and eliminate the sources of racial stereotypes

Step 1. Morality

In most societies, this is easy. Morality comes from God, and the people of the society all more or less believe in the same God with the same rules.

In our society, God has been all but stamped out of the public square. We operate on a demonstrably false premise that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe essentially the same things, and when the conflicts of that false belief system become unavoidable, we sacrifice the interests of Christians.

This stems from our new, seemingly secular religion, of communism. Since Christians have long been the dominant religious group in the United States, and their beliefs are steadfastly opposed to the communist way of life, their interests must be sacrificed in favor of the newcomers and minority groups, as part of the perpetual revolution strategy of Leon Trotsky.

Fortunately, we have a remedy to some portion of this problem. All three of these faiths, and most others, if their texts are adhered to, and even most people without religious affiliation, reject with limited exceptions, dishonesty, and initiatory violence, by private citizens. While they all vary on what they consider justification for government force, they all can generally agree that government should not force people without some justification.

If all religious and non-religious people can alike agree that it is evil for private citizens to engage in dishonesty or initiatory violence, and we likewise agree that racism is evil, then we can agree on the confines within which we must define racism.

Step 2. Defining Racism

Indeed, much of the problem with “racism” today comes from the hysteria surrounding the terminology. Beto O’Rourke said, without anyone on the Left contradicting him, that “This country was founded on white supremacy“. Elizabeth Warren, likewise lacking in Leftist condemnation, said our justice system is ‘Racist, all the way, front to back.” Keith Ellison said the US Constitution is “the best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples“. Luis Gutierrez said Trump’s immigration plans are an “extension of the white supremacist agenda“. Ilhan Omar said Trump is pushing a “White Nationalist Agenda“. Jay Inslee said explicitly, that Trump is a White Nationalist. This list could get kind of long, so hopefully you get the idea.

All of the people who have made these statements are in good standing with the Democrat Party. With “racism” defined so broadly, it cannot be defeated. Every reasonable person, every patriotic American, is, by these broad definitions, a racist and a White Supremacist. If defeating racism means we must set ourselves to the task of defeating the founding of our country, our borders, our justice system, the United States Constitution, and the President of the United States, then only the most detestable people will take up that mission, and all decent people will oppose them.

Many have referred to immigration enforcement as “concentration camps” and other Nazi-esque terminology. Since immigration enforcement is a good thing, the only conclusion an honest person can reach, if taking such language seriously, is that Nazis and concentration camps are also good things.

For proof of my theory, we recently have heard a poll touted that says 51% of the country thinks the President is a racist. Yet, he enjoys 88% approval among Republicans (seriously, not a dog whistle), and an overall approval rating in the low to high 40% range. This would seem to indicate that with racism defined as it is today, a considerable portion of the population, particularly those in the Republican Party, approve of racism. With racism so broadly defined, as an almost all encompassing view of the world, we cannot set ourselves to defeating such a significant portion of our own population. It would literally be a civil war.

We tried that. It was the deadliest war in our blood soaked history. It did not solve the problem.

As a brief aside, it is worth noting here that, of course, the careful observer realizes that this is precisely what the Democrat Party wants. That is why they refuse to condemn Willem Van Spronsen, who very recently, after appearing on CNN’s United Shades of America, glorifying the violence of Antifa, including the armed Redneck Revolt variety, attempted to bomb an ICE detention center, and was killed by law enforcement in the process. That is why Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, hailed the Antifa terrorists who inspired that attack as “a courageous group of Americans” when they attacked Patriots in Charlottesville, Virginia. That is why they were mum when a transgender student shot up a school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. That is why they only care about the El Paso shooting, but ignore the 9 dead at the hands of an Antifa crossdresser in Dayton, Ohio.

Obviously, we cannot be taking our moral cues from the Democrat Party.

So, back to the task of defining racism.

We know what it isn’t. The President isn’t a racist. Supporting the President isn’t racist. Immigration enforcement isn’t racist. Our justice system isn’t racist. The founding of America isn’t racist. The Constitution isn’t racist.

So what is racism?

Racism is evil, as we’ve established, and evil, we’ve established as dishonesty or lawless violence.

So from here we can deduce that racism is dishonesty or lawless violence, along racial lines, or with racial motivations. Defined this narrowly, there is far greater hope for defeating this wickedness, than there is to defeating the all encompassing madness purveyed by the Left. Indeed, defined thusly, even most White Nationalists, can condemn this evil.

What more powerful ally in the fight against racism could we ask for, than White Nationalists? Without White Nationalists, would racism have any power at all?

Perhaps, but we’ll put a pin in that for now.

Step 3. Severing Racism from Truth & Righteousness

Surely others would object. They see racism everywhere. Private property, they say, is racist. Inequality, they say, is racist. This list could get kind of long…

It is perhaps no coincidence that where these folks see racism, communism too, finds its foes. And what is communism but dishonesty, and lawless violence? Communism is everything we define as evil, all rolled up into one all encompassing sociopolitical (and sociopathic) worldview, which attempts to impose itself by force and deception upon all the peoples of the Earth.

Perhaps it has come to pass, that communism has taken up the mantle of defeating racism, falsely, while calling all of its foes this thing we all ought to be united in defeating?  It surely would not be communism’s greatest deception.

This would explain the popular opposition to science that emanates from so called “anti-racist” circles. Communism rightly views truth as a lethal threat to its dominion, and seeks to ruin all the decent people who would stand for the truth at the expense of their own comfort and security. A startling account of precisely this phenomenon is provided by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his excellent book, The Gulag Archipelago. In the story of his own captivity, and through the accounts of other prisoners, we are provided with countless stories of engineers, geneticists, scientists, doctors, philosophers, and religious figures, all imprisoned for no other crime than deviating from the Narrative.

In our own time, we have startlingly similar examples, and if we hope to defeat racism, we must sever it from the enemies of communism, which are true and righteous.

James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner for his part in the unravelling of DNA, was stripped of his titles, chased from polite society, and so impoverished that he had to sell his Nobel Prize. Not because he expressed hatred or irrational prejudices, but because he made some rather easily observed statements concerning the genetic origins of racial IQ disparities, and their impacts on social outcomes. If we hope to defeat racism, we cannot define racism as understanding genetics, because if we try to defeat genetics, we will fail.

In that same vein, we have to decouple opposition to racism from other Left wing delusions. For example, transgenderism. These two concepts have been joined to one another by the Democrat Party, and really every honest person understands that transgenderism is just plain insane. It stands in root and branch opposition to every bit of scientific, genetic, and biological information we have ever collected. If racism and “transphobia” are in the same category, then we cannot defeat racism, because that would mean only insane people opposed racism.

Transgenderism of course, stems from the mythologies of feminism, sexism, and misogyny. This ideology, likewise presents a similar challenge. Men and women are different, on a genetic and biological level, and there are very good reasons for this. Nobody with a 2nd grade education can honestly deny this, and yet the Left insists that acknowledgement of this reality is sexism, and that sexism and racism are in the same category of wickedness. If men and women were the same, then homosexuality actually would be equal to heterosexuality, and then humans beings would be incapable of reproducing. It would literally spell the extinction of human beings, and whatever your opinions about racism, the extinction of mankind is definitely worse than that.

To defeat racism, we must first embrace the actual facts of the human condition, and separate racism from it. We cannot defeat racism if racism and reality are one and the same. “That true statement” cannot be “racist” if racism is to be defeated.

Communism dupes its victims through false promises of “equality” and, in the current supposed crusade against racism, we are told that every inequality is evidence of racism. We cannot defeat racism thusly defined, since inequality is inseparable from the human condition.

And in these false promises we find the Leftist opposition to math, and statistics in particular.

Take for example, crime statistics. Blacks are roughly 13.2% of the population, and the impetus of the “Black Lives Matter” riots was that blacks are disproportionately represented, as 23%  of those killed by police and 34% of those incarcerated in America. From this they conjure a supposed right to smash windows, set fires, and attack White people on the street. And one might understand their complaint, if this were happening purely on the basis of skin color, but we know quite certainly that this is not the case. In fact, blacks are also disproportionately represented as more than 50% of murderers and robbers, and as the perpetrators of 27% of all violent crime in America. Thus begging the question as to why they are so underrepresented in other criminal justice statistics.

We certainly cannot fight racism by setting violent criminals loose on our streets. Nor can we do so by imprisoning innocent White people. To defeat racism, it must be decoupled from such demands of equality.

Likewise in poverty statistics, we find black families living below the poverty line at a rate of roughly 23%, compared to the national family poverty rate of 11%. Were it the case that blacks were living identical lifestyles as the rest of the country, indeed this would be a serious problem. That just so happens to not be the case. Roughly 65% of black children live in single parent households, nearly twice the national average of 34%, and more than twice that of White families at just 24%. This combined with their criminal proclivities more than explains the poverty gap, before we even venture into their genetic IQ deficiencies.

We certainly cannot fight racism by subsidizing single motherhood and criminal behavior. In fact, our doing so at present is almost certainly exacerbating the problem. Nor can we do so by impoverishing Whites through public policy. In fact, our doing so at present is almost certainly exacerbating the problem. If we hope to defeat racism, it must be decoupled from such demands of equality.

The above mentioned statistics can be applied, albeit to a lesser degree, to Hispanics as well.

Anti-Semitism presents an interesting deviation from the typical racist norm. We do not typically hear Jewish people asking for equality for themselves, only for darker skinned peoples. Jewish people enjoy dramatically disproportionate wealth, status, and political power in the United States, and for all their talk of equality, they do not seem at all interested in relinquishing it. Their complaints usually come from stereotypes about them, which we’ll address next.

4. Identifying and Eliminating the Sources of Racial Stereotypes

Combating racist stereotypes presents a challenge in large part because so many of them are true.

Blacks, as the easiest example, are stereotyped as violent and poor and not particularly intelligent. As previously established, crime, poverty, and IQ data seems to confirm this, and thus we are met with quite the burden in combating such observations of reality.

However, the stereotypes are no less harmful to the majority of black people who do not fall into these categories, and so combat them we must.

In identifying the sources of these stereotypes, those on the Left typically seek to attack the truth. This is not at all helpful, and often results in anti-Semitism. A better way to go about it would be to attack the representations of blacks as such in popular culture. Most notably, in rap music, and hood movies.

Of course, we must be careful in this pursuit not to stoke the flames of anti-Semitism, since Jews are the primary purveyors of rap music and Hollywood films.

This brings us to anti-Semitic stereotypes, which are some of the most stubborn in mankind’s long racial history. Jews are viewed by racists as everything from greedy capitalists to communist revolutionaries, which seems contradictory to the casual observer. Fortunately for the Jewish people, this seeming contradiction allows them to escape the overcast of such perceptions in the popular mind in the United States.

But for those who still believe these stereotypes, convincing them otherwise proves challenging due to the sources thereof. Careful observation of anti-Semitic online chatter reveals that they are most often sourcing from Jewish publications, such as Haaretz and Forward.com.

Do Jews run Hollywood? According to the Times of Israel, they do.

Are Jews disproportionately wealthy? According to the Times of Israel, Jews make up ten of the top 50 richest people on Earth.

Are Jews pushing homosexuality into popular culture? Maybe, maybe not, but this Haaretz article titled “As a Queer Jew, Learning Anne Frank Was Bisexual Is a Game-changer” certainly isn’t helping the Jewish people any. Neither is this Times of Israel article about how US Jews are more supportive of gay marriage than even their fellow Democrats.

And speaking of Democrats, we previously mentioned the communist revolutionary stereotype, and what is the Democrat Party if not communist? This piece in the Jerusalem Post is not helping the Jewish people by pointing out that Jews finance half of the Democrat Party, despite being less than three percent of the population in the United States. The same piece also points out that they are funding a quarter of the Republican Party, amplifying the stereotype that Jews wield unwarranted political influence.

Those contributions of course come from a minority of very wealthy Jews, but the Jewish Telegraphic Agency doesn’t help the “Left Wing Jew” stereotype by informing us that 75% of Jews vote Democrat.

Do Jews run the media? Well, yes, just not in a conspiratorial fashion, says Alan Dershowitz, in a piece published at the Huffington Post.

Are Jews pushing homosexuality on Children? Perhaps not, but you should probably talk to the Jewish producer of Queer Kid Stuff about that perception.

Are Jews responsible for US foreign policy? Maybe, maybe not, but you should blame John Bolton for that perception, not the Nazis.

In fact, if one were to copy and paste the contents of Jewish websites, and rebrand them with swastikas, nobody would question their authenticity as anti-Semitic propaganda. If one were to attempt this endeavor, they might simultaneously be attacked by the same Jewish attorney, for both hate speech and plagiarism.

The challenge of course is that shutting down Jewish websites would itself be perceived as anti-Semitic, but if we want to defeat racism, do we really have any choice?


I realize that this mission of defeating racism is far bigger than what I’ve outlined here. Racism is omnipresent throughout time and space, and it might never be fully eradicated.

I will concede to the wisdom of the President that we must nonetheless try, and I offer the above as a series of first steps in that mission.

However, in order to remain fair and balanced, I will conclude with the words of one of my favorite Jewish authors and philosophers, the great Murray Rothbard.

In his essay, Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, Rothbard warns us of the folly that is the pursuit of impossible goals.

Let us proceed, then, to a critique of the egalitarian ideal itself — should equality be granted its current status as an unquestioned ethical ideal? In the first place, we must challenge the very idea of a radical separation between something that is “true in theory” but “not valid in practice.” If a theory is correct, then it does work in practice; if it does not work in practice, then it is a bad theory. The common separation between theory and practice is an artificial and fallacious one. But this is true in ethics as well as anything else. If an ethical ideal is inherently “impractical,” that is, if it cannot work in practice, then it is a poor ideal and should be discarded forthwith. To put it more precisely, if an ethical goal violates the nature of man and/or the universe and, therefore, cannot work in practice, then it is a bad ideal and should be dismissed as a goal. If the goal itself violates the nature of man, then it is also a poor idea to work in the direction of that goal.

“The goal of equality has for too long been treated uncritically and axiomatically as the ethical ideal.”

Suppose, for example, that it has come to be adopted as a universal ethical goal that all men be able to fly by flapping their arms. Let us assume that “proflappers” have been generally conceded the beauty and goodness of their goal, but have been criticized as “impractical.” But the result is unending social misery as society tries continually to move in the direction of arm flying, and the preachers of arm flapping make everyone’s lives miserable for being either lax or sinful enough not to live up to the common ideal. The proper critique here is to challenge the “ideal” goal itself; to point out that the goal itself is impossible in view of the physical nature of man and the universe; and, therefore, to free mankind from its enslavement to an inherently impossible and, hence, evil goal.

But this liberation could never occur so long as the anti-arm-fliers continued to be solely in the realm of the “practical” and to concede ethics and “idealism” to the high priests of arm flying. The challenge must take place at the core — at the presumed ethical superiority of a nonsensical goal. The same, I hold, is true of the egalitarian ideal, except that its social consequences are far more pernicious than an endless quest for man’s flying unaided. For the condition of equality would wreak far more damage upon mankind.

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Radical Agenda S05E058 – A Tale of Two Shooters

A 21 year old 8chan user named Patrick Crusius is alleged to have used a WASR10 (AK-47)  to kill 20 people and wound 26 others in a mass shooting that spanned between a Walmart and a shopping mall in El Paso, Texas. He is reported to have left a poorly written manifesto behind, citing the immigration crisis as his motivation for the slaughter. He said he supported Brenton Tarrant’s slaughter at a New Zealand Mosque, and encouraged others to join in the killing, preferring soft targets where as many invaders as possible could be killed.

Thus far, no reports have emerged of Patrick having a criminal history. One look at him, and you know he’s not in the habit of bullying people.

Predictably, the Jewish press ran with the familiar theme of White Supremacist terrorism, conveniently ignoring the all too familiar statistics on black and interracial crime. They blamed the President of the United States, and feigned curiosity at the lack of Republican interest in condemning White Nationalism, which those familiar with the subject matter will recall, is synonymous with Western Civilization, in their lexicon.

Just 13 hours later, 24-year-old Connor Betts of Bellbrook, Ohio, took an AR-15 with a hundred round drum to a bar called Ned Peppers. In 30 seconds, he murdered his sister and 8 others, leaving at least 26 more people injured. Fortunately for his would be targets, police shot and killed him before he could make use of his spare magazines.

He had a minor criminal history, and had been suspended from school for bringing a kill list and a rape list for men and women respectively, to class.

He left no manifesto, but his Twitter feed told you everything you needed to know about him. He described himself as a Leftist, felt it worth clarifying his pronouns, and has, for more than a year, been spouting violent antifa propaganda. He was following, retweeting, and engaging with known Antifa communists, including Molly Conger (@SocialistDogMom) and Christian Exoo (AntiFash Gordon), and even some that I’m prohibited by court order from mentioning.

Connor repeatedly posted threats of violence to Twitter, and predictably he was never censored. He got it from his mother, we found out, as she too, posted violent communist propaganda to her Twitter feed, and was likewise never censored. The Jews of course, don’t mind violence, so long as it favors their interests, and so such terrorism is free to spread and gain momentum, without any sort of hindrance at all.

Interestingly, if unsurprisingly, this revelation of Connor’s deranged political ideology, and history of threats, changed not the narrative of White Supremacist terrorism. He was White, some of his victims were black, and though he spent his days threatening the lives of everyone Right of Elizabeth Warren, he too was categorized as a White Supremacist terrorist by the Press.

One hopes they have the Internet in Hell, so that he can see what is being done to his name.

This morning, the President of the United States joined his nemesis Fake News Media in condemning “White Supremacy,” and hinted at support for increased gun control measures, including red flag laws, to disarm those who express crimethink in public. He ordered the FBI to work with social media companies to spot crimethink in advance and stop it, apparently abandoning any concern for the social media censorship he once railed against.

Conspicuously absent from all the coverage is Connor’s Leftist views. His terrorism follows on the heels of two years of constant, unmitigated, Left wing political violence. He was free to threaten violence on Twitter, because Twitter endorses that brand of violence. Indeed, his Twitter account was only suspended after he was dead and it began to make the Democrat Party look bad. We’ve long forgotten about Vester Flanagan, the black man who murdered a reporter and her cameraman in an effort to start a race war. We’ve long forgotten about James Hodgkinson, who took an SKS to a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, to gun down the Republican Freedom Caucus. We’ve even forgotten about Willem Van Spronsen, who very recently, after appearing on CNN’s United Shades of America, glorifying the violence of Antifa, including the armed Redneck Revolt variety, attempted to bomb an ICE detention center, and was killed by law enforcement in the process.

Patrick killed strangers who were invading his country because he perceived them to be a threat. The family members of his victims were afraid to show up at reunification centers, because they feared being apprehended by authorities, driving home the point that he was doing away with lawbreakers which his government failed to deal with. Without addressing morality, we can say that this was stupid, as it only served to advance Left wing agendas and Narratives.

Connor Betts murdered his own sister, and random strangers he had every reason to believe were his countrymen.

Connor Betts is thus infinitely more wicked than Patrick Crusius, even if his body count was mercifully cut short by the quick action of heroic law enforcement. But only the violence of Patrick Crusius is addressed, because Jews find this more convenient than telling the truth.

Thus it transpires that CloudFlare announced that they would be terminating service to 8Chan, the website where Patrick posted his manifesto. Twitter suffers no such hindrances, despite their openly permitting Leftist terrorism to grow unabated on their platform, including that of Connor Betts.

It is important to connect some dots, to fully understand the implications.

Beto O’Rourke said, without anyone on the Left contradicting him, that “This country was founded on white supremacy“. Elizabeth Warren, likewise lacking in Leftist condemnation, said our Justice System Is ‘Racist, All the Way, Front to Back.” Keith Ellison said the US Constitution is “the best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples“. Luis Gutierrez said Trump’s immigration plans are an “extension of the white supremacist agenda“. Ilhan Omar said Trump is pushing a “White Nationalist Agenda“. Jay Inslee said explicitly, that Trump is a White Nationalist.

When Trump condemns White Supremacy and racism, this is what he is condemning. Our country’s founding, our justice system, our constitution, and needless to say, his own immigration policies.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

Join us, this and every Monday and Friday from 5-7pm US Eastern time, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda!

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Radical Agenda S05E057 – Siberian Candidate

My hopes for Kamala Harris to make Leftists the clear aggressor in the coming race war, seem to have been dashed upon the rocks on Wednesday. Tulsi Gabbard wrecked her facade of hip pot smoking negress, by pointing out that Harris was a loyal foot soldier of the White Supremacist justice system, after prostituting her way to becoming a prosecutor.

Not only was the Jew’s favorite Wakandan putting potheads under the jail, she was actively covering up evidence tampering at the crime lab, and blocking DNA testing to see an innocent man executed, for a murder probably committed by her cousin.

Met with the damning truth, Harris was more stunned than she was during that candidate mix tape bit.

She filibustered when offered a chance to respond, later blaming the attacks on poll envy, and the Assad regime in Syria.

Tulsi became the most Googled candidate during that debate. A rather astonishing feat, given that the Jews who run Google had previously relegated her to the spam trap, and invited a long overdue lawsuit in the process. #KamalaHarrisDestroyed trended on Twitter, which apparently managed to slip by the censors unnoticed, despite the best efforts to stamp out such White Supremacy by way of (((algorithms))).

Kamala’s hasbara surrogates quickly got to work blaming the storm on our Lord and Savior, Vladimir Putin. Even Harris’ press secretary, Ian Sams, labeled Gabbard’s supporters part of “the Russian propaganda machine.” One Twitter user said “Putin took Tulsi, an American soldier, and turned her into a Trojan Horse, his own #SiberianCandidate.”

Quite the clever ruse…

But we Nazis, through our use of the Russian encrypted messaging app Telegram, were hip to the real scheme. Vlad stopped by the Radical Agenda Telegram group to yuck it up about about the plot.

We’ve already decided that Kamala Harris will be the Democrat nominee. I had previously predicted that Joe Biden would have deleted his Twitter account by now, but the strategy has shifted, and Vlad is letting him stay so as to further rile up the blacks. As Kamala Harris continues to torture sleepy Joe, and Joe accepts the flogging as penance for his White Privilege,  our Cyrillic mission to sow racial discord into American politics will come to a crescendo.

We have cleverly taken credit for Tulsi’s attacks, so no Democrat primary voter can discover her renegade patriotism, or the path to racial harmony which a Tulsi presidency would surely usher in, permanently dismantling the White cis-heteropatriarchy.

Harris will go on to debate Donald Trump, and with a woman of color as the Democrat nominee, Leftist media will invariably construe everything Trump disagrees with her about as racist and sexist. The American people will thus conclude that racism and sexism are good, and the price of Mein Kampf will skyrocket, netting a healthy profit for EdgyGoodies.com.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

Join us, this and every Monday and Friday from 5-7pm US Eastern time, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda!

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Outlaw Conservative S01E028 – Dueling Dems

Many years ago, I took a girl on a date to a circus. On the way in, we saw some animal rights fanatics outside, and my date was drawn to their message.

She spent the duration of the show whining about the cruelty that had to have been involved in training the animals, and it kinda ruined the whole thing. I hated those animal rights people for that.

Last night, I felt similarly about John Delaney, and John Hickenlooper. Here we have this amazing opportunity to watch the Democrat Party destroy itself, and these idiots have to screw it up by reminding Democrat primary voters that math is real and White people still vote. Were it not for them, I suspect we’d have seen proposals to ban algebra for its focus on division, and disparate racial impacts. Candidates would have gone Left of Vermin Supreme, calling “Free Ponies” a “Republican Talking Point” and claiming that Unicorns are, as the name implies, a Universal Human Right.

The Democrats are so shielded from criticism by their big tech and media allies, that they don’t even seem to realize that there are people out there who disagree with radical Leftist policy proposals anymore. To go any further Left, they would have to ban private walls, and demand we build only bridges between what used to be our homes. Abortion wouldn’t just be a right, it would be a duty. The Supreme Court would obviously be packed, with kindergarteners. Venezuela would be granted American statehood, whether they liked it or not. Free trade would become quite literally free, as in, no payments could be made, and this would clearly be unilateral in nature, prohibiting only inbound payments, since every country but the United States is entitled to some degree of sovereignty. Our broader foreign policy agenda would seemingly involve slashing military spending until we were fighting Israeli wars with only milkshakes and sucker punches. And of course we would then have to ban milkshakes a since they are weapons of war which do not belong on our streets.

Delaney and Hickenlooper must have felt a lot like Ron Paul last night, but one doubts they’ll have quite the same legacy. At this rate they’ll be lucky if they don’t get called Nazis and jumped by Antifa.

I’m in the process of extracting tumors editing audio from this freak show. Critiques and jokes will  be in abundance. Don’t miss this one.


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